How Do I Upgrade My Box Kodi Android To The Latest Version? -Step By Step

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The importance of media files increases more and more. And is that if we study, we see that now all people around the world with access to the internet invest least 40 minutes of his life in viewing photos, videos or other multimedia files.

Therefore, development and advancement in technology that is responsible in reproducing them is getting better. Since their suppliers understand the needs that users to see better quality these files.

How to update my Android Kodi box to Latest version ? -Step by Step

This is the case of Kodi , which is a true veteran in this field. Therefore, has a large and wide experience which has become incredibly attractive platform for many users.

What is Kodi?

What is Kodi? Kodi we can describe as a kind center which allows playback of various media files . It was formerly called XBMC (which can be configured in Kodi ) and its distribution is patent or under a GNU/GPL. Which has its implementation on television screens type.

Its beginnings lie in the first console Microsoft Xbox series. However, this limitation was not permanent, as the team responsible for its development has been able to migrate your project to operating systems like Linux, MacOS and Microsoft. Later also coming to Android and IOS systems.

Kodi functions

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The platform allows variety of functions that are well pleased users. Among which we can mention the ‘time’ , which provides information about events future weather worldwide. That is, it can be used anywhere in the world.

Another of the most important features is the option to display images , and as its name implies, functions to view images from folders stored on your computer. It can also be used as an intermediary cloud services such as OneDrive.

Similarly, we see the TV feature , which is described by many users as one of their favorites. This is because with it we can watch TV channels live. The problem is that it does not come by default, and must find a source either online or via cable.

What are Kodi boxes?

The boxes are really Kodi Android TV boxes a small device that connects to TVs and are much more common in users with purchasing electronic equipment. This is due to improved capacity and easy installation that characterizes it.

So when we talk about “box Kodi” really talk about Android TV boxes or similar equipment using mainly Kodi the program. Which allows access content from diverse sources, although it is very common that is downloaded or stored illegally or pirated.

How to update my box Kodi Android to the latest version?

The first thing to do to upgrade to the latest version of a box Android Kodi is access to the browser of the device and enter the official website Kodi , it’s can get through this link. Then, we went down a few spaces to display the different download options on the application.

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Then select the Android logo type . Then we go down the page and re-select the same logo. And in this case we are 3 options will appear, choose the “Play Store” because it is the easiest method. Completion and we expect the update will be installed automatically.

It is very important that before starting the whole process in the section “security restrictions” is enabled option from unknown sources. Therefore, through this process, we can enjoy all updates to launch the application on their official website.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However we would like to know your opinion been able to update the box Kodi Android to the latest version? Do you know another method to perform this procedure? Leave your answers in the comments.

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