How To Revive And Fix Any Lg Phone That Does Not Ignite Or Goes From The Logo? | Lg Flash

revive LG

Flashear LG is a method used to correct problems in cell , if no garment is always maintained in the initial logo, have virus in the heart of the phone or malfunctions techniques system .

How to Fix Any Cell Revive and LG do not Prende or go to the Logo | Flash LG

You must always keep in mind that this procedure should be done by a person with knowledge updating and flashing phone . If you do not know how to do, it is recommended to go with someone who knows LG Flashear as simple as LG Smart TV connect a computer to a sound .

Step by Step to flash a phone LG

First, you must download the LG Flash Tool through the official website LG. You also need to download the Firmware (KDZ) according to the model of your phone LG. This, somehow, also contribute to fix the error “keyboard LG unfortunately has stopped” if the flashing process runs correctly.

On the other hand, among the necessary downloads is the Driver LG here. Before you begin make sure your cell count on at least 50% of the battery and a good USB cable and make a WiFi speed test to verify your connection and does not interrupt the tutorial.

 process to recover LG cell

The first thing to do is install the drivers for this searches the official drivers according to your phone and download them to your PC. Once you download this one, go to your Downloads folder on the PC and double beam click on the driver and downloaded.

Then the program will open a screen with the question “Do you want to admit this program to make changes in the team?” Click “ “. Will soon open a new window “Welcome to InstallShield Wizard LG United Mobile Driver!” and click on the bottom right that says “Next”.

Otherwise, chances are you should allow or block the program in the Windows firewall 10 so that it can boot properly.

Then will begin the driver installed and this may take a few minutes at the end will show a window saying that the download was successful.

Now, since this must point have downloaded to your computer the LG Flash Tool, proceed to decompress the program and at the end of your desktop will appear a folder with the files from the program proceeds to open and click document “LGFlashTool2014.exe” and following emergency window click “Run”.

It’s time to connect your phone and start Flashear

Make sure your phone is at the least 50% battery and also the firmware you downloaded is correct. After you run the LG Flash Tool new window will appear, on the upper right side is an icon of a yellow folder, click on it.

tool smartphone flash will open a new window where you must click to the “ Normal Flash ” and the next window click on “Stars” . You will see a new window before clicking “Ok” you take your cell and press “Volume +” and proceed to connect to PC and hold the volume key +.

Once you notice that your phone recognizes the program, release the volume button and clicking “Ok” in the window of the PC. At this time it begins to load the Software KDZ.

Let the system load on your phone and be very careful that the USB cable from your phone does not disconnect during discharge. At the end click “Exit”. Your device will start automatically, you may take a little longer than usual.

When it is necessary to flash your LG?

Flashear LG This is not a common procedure or to be made regularly. This is used when the cell does not turn on or stays on the logo. This with the intention of trying to save him, you know that is not always possible to revive your phone with this method.

On the other hand, flash LG also is done when you have problems like system errors. When alone applications are closed, the phone is slower than it should, or similar problems to this.

Finally, it is not recommended if you do not know the right way to flash LG. Because, if you make bad any of the procedures, what you can do is you can never recover more of your phone. It’s best you head to a service where someone with appropriate expertise can help resolve the issue with your LG.

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