How To Make A Transparent Image In Libreoffice Writer Easily?

 transparent image LibreOffice writer

Office-type programs are what make life easier when all work. So when it came to a version of the free software, the surprise was pleasant. Today you will learn about the same as make transparent image in LibreOffice Writer easily.

In order for Microsoft Office is still the possibility to create slides and work par excellence, it is equal or better alternative.

What makes learning about it is very important to never run out of options, if something were to go wrong with Windows.

What LibreOffice Writer?

Make transparent image in LibreOffice Writer easily, it is far from open a Word document without using Microsoft office.

There is so advanced, that is, you do not have to have a knowledge management program impressive. But that is less important to know a little background on the application you are about to use.

Remember – you do not do it belong to its Windows Office package, even if you install Microsoft Office online in Windows 10 not have access. much less free use Microsoft Office to open online files generated elsewhere in LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Writer is a word processing text component is essentially a fork of Open Office Writer (are like cousins ).

It is published under license GNUv3, boasting many features that make it a perfect program to write. The first serious that can be used both Linux and Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

In addition, it can be saved in many formats such as DOC, XHTML &NBSP among others. To add even more versatility not PDF documents for export.

Contains   a mechanism that allows you to complete words spellchecker. In addition, methods to design a page to your liking.

LibreOffice Writer

Dialogs, a bibliographic database autocomplete, support color and line styles. publishers joined equations capacity link graph and create a transparent image.

Make transparent image in LibreOffice Writer readily

Now, what interests you, the first thing you need to do to accomplish the task is inserted an image in the text. Go to the toolbar at the top of the screen and click “ Embed ” display a menu of options to select where the next is “ Image ” this will show a box called “file” click here.

This will open a search box where you can find inside your PC the image you want, then just click to give “ Open ” and ready.

Ideally for a transparent image in LibreOffice Writer easily and effectively made it fill the page, for this we have to cut. Starts giving left-click on the image and give the possibility to keep the same name “ Image “.

come forward a new section with several tabs will to “ Version ” here first click “Keep scale” , then sets parameters beyond wide aspect 70.8% of the height of it, this is the option that best suits the Writer page.

 make a LibreOffice Writer transparent

If you have already clicked Done dale “OK” Once your image change take the lower right corner and then expand to fill the entire screen without distortion.


With all steps above – not ready to ensure transparency, for this you need to insert another image (with the same steps as above -), after that is go done to the toolbar and click on the tab “ Show ” delegate window, select “Toolbar” and follow “ Image “.

At the bottom of the box will be, is the “ Transparency ” here is just to lower the percentage depending on what we want and go.

It is advisable to use images or bottom edges are create transparent and always make an image on top of another for better quality. If you did everything right and should know how to make a transparent image in LibreOffice Writer easy, so go to your computer and what practical starting!

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