How To Make A Header With Text And Images In Libreoffice Calc?

 make a header in LibreOffice Calc

Although the Calc tool has the ability to add and configure a header in your documents , the images can not be placed. But do not worry, if you can make a header with text and images in LibreOffice Calc .

The header of Calc option is a section consists of three sections, namely, right, left and center. Depending on the size of each will be able insert words and the number of pages . But here you can not place pictures.

This is no solution. This gives you more freedom to make a header with text and images in LibreOffice Calc. In addition, you can also add to the data table, the headings of the columns.

steps to make a header with text and images in LibreOffice Calc

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The first thing to know for make a header with text and images in LibreOffice Calc is that it is as simple as number of securities automatically and only create the logo with text and image.

Logo creation

First, you must download and install LibreOffice 32 and 64 bit Windows, Mac or Linux as appropriate. Significantly, it is not the same as install Microsoft Office on Windows 10. online

To do this, you insert an image by clicking the « Embed » in the top menu screen. Then select the « Image » and then click «From the beginning.» Once Hallas is a file explorer window opens. He must select your logo and click the « Open «.

 header with images and text in calc

After that, click on the spreadsheet cell that suits you and then write the text of your head. This text may change depending on your tastes and needs, keep in mind that should be compatible with the design and colors of your logo.

Set margins and from

The second step is to adjust the edges of the page and off the head. For this, located in the tool bar «Prev Page» and click it. In the preview of the document can see that the header is the reference spreadsheet where he worked.

To remove this text refers to the spreadsheet and adjust the upper margins must click «Page format» in the preview window. This opens a conceptual menu. He sees the « Header » and then click on the section of the box » section Enable ‘ to disable this option.

«Footer» must also disable the footer. Then go to the « » and set the top margin. When you finish the settings, press the « OK .» Button

Set lines

The third step is to define the number of lines that will be repeated in the header of the entire document.   To do this in the menu at the top of the screen, click the « Format » and choose «Print area» , followed by « Edit «.

 header LibreOffice Calc

This action opens, it is the conceptual menu section « Rows to repeat » and   click the « Choose «. This will take you to the document, all you have to do is drag the mouse around by pressing the left mouse button to select the header created earlier.

To complete the selection, press the « Enter » button. This way, you return to the conceptual «Edit the print range» , and click « OK «. This will take the document again you can see that you have your head on each page.

It is really not a difficult procedure to perform, just what actions to carry out a header with text and images in LibreOffice Calc.

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