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The recognition that a document with a lot of information has index content to put us on specific issues. So when we developed a LibreOffice Writer document we have several options such as automatic numbering of titles , and we can also use a content index for control information. In this post we will explain how to   an index or table of contents in LibreOffice.

This can give us a glimpse of what is in the document and displays the page where you will find all references. We use this type of tables in the study, work or investigation and know how they can be useful. Not only that, but people who want to consult appreciate that place. If you want to know how h acer an index or table of contents in LibreOffice Writer came to the right place. Sit back and enjoy this position, we have prepared for you.

How to organize a table of contents in LibreOffice Writer?

Our documents already have the best partner to add its contents because we offer an excellent tool for this writer. You’ll find features such as at the time numbered lines or paragraphs in Word . <

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When we want to establish this index, it is essential create the document using the predefined paragraph styles header. A well structured to have them, we can create our table of contents with just a few clicks.

 insert LibreOffice content author index

We will think about going on the document placing a hierarchical structure: chapter, section, topic. In addition, the titles of these elements have been assigned a paragraph style, such as “Title 1”, “Title 2” and so on.

What to insert the table of contents?

In a part of the document LibreOffice Writer you can add indexes and tables of contents. Regularly, we place at the beginning or the end, but can also occur elsewhere in the document.

Located on the page where you want the table of contents, locate the Insert – Summary and Index – Table of contents, index or bibliography . If the accounts with an earlier version of Writer on the Insert menu and find the “Index and Tables” – “Indices”


On the screen that is presented to us, we let A preview the type of selected index and the changes we are implementing. If we find that we must not activate appears in the box, it is the side of the “Help” button.

To see all of the options that can be applied to the indexes and tables of contents, display the right shows where there are tabs.

In the “type” drop-down tab “Index” options may vary depending on the type of index that attempt to create are indicated. The “Summary” which found in other versions “Table of Contents” or “Table of Contents” is the alternative most widely used.

But also the options to create alphabetical index , figures and tables, among other options. We can complete the various options depending on the type selected index.

insert content on the sheet simply accept and immediately pressed in document LibreOffice Writer.

This table you can even Customize your design . Also note that the chart appears with a shaded background, it is to remind us that it is a special area. But we have the ability to delete or change the color by going to the “Tools” menu.

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How we update the index?

In the context menu have the “Update Index”. a pressure on it, all changes to the document that affect the number of will be updated and will be immediately.

can also go to the “Tools” menu – “Update” – “Current Index” for the upgrade. All Table of Contents in this document can go through this process with a single command.

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Having an index or table of contents LibreOffice Writer can prove to be a fairly simple task. We recommend that you follow the steps you have shown in this post will be helpful when writing your documents. In turn, we invite you to explore other tutorials where you can find more information at contents in other applications such as publisher . We’d love to hear your comments on that information to find you with pleasure.

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