How To Number The Titles Automatically In Libreoffice Writer Easily

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First LibreOffice Writer has the characteristics of a modern tool is a set of office tools that can be downloaded freely . It used to be a component word open source processor and belongs to the LibreOffice software.

Yes we can say that the text Writer processor similar to Microsoft Word, have the same characteristics. It also contains several processing functions in addition to desktop publishing, it is also powerful enough to create complete books, including content, create and indexes.

In turn, this tool contains an open standard format and for that reason was adopted as required file format for publishing documents by governments worldwide. This tool also allows insert graphics, objects, diagrams and various components in your text.

LibreOffice Writer allows the numbering of securities automatically

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In turn, it is important to understand all that this processor component including its functions. For this reason, we will explain how to number of securities if AUTO in the document you create.

From here, we will explain how manage entries ofimáticas , so first should create a document. Also the title should be placed on a list in the form of simple lines. After that, you can apply three-level styles.

So if select a title and press the F11 button automatically Styles and Formatting menu will open. Then you select the title you want to have for the first level and the style is applied.

Therefore, press the right button a menu-under in which you must select «Nouveau selecting» is displayed. Then, in this section, it allows you to create style for the title A (it is called to be the first, since the number 1 is predetermined by the system).

Then apply it to the songs you want to create in this case will be 3 levels of headings. To end styles should be applied to all other lines of titles, which in this case would be the title A, B AND C

Setting the title numbering

 Setting the title numbers

In addition to having created the title list should proceed with the creation of the numbering system, so the first level will be established. Thus, in the «Paragraph Styles» , select the title A.   Therefore, the figures should be placed numbering format of your choice.

In the Section » character style» should be left «none» , also the order of the window are the » and before» , where you can choose a character procedure or the number and predating then » start» is where you decide what number to start counting.

So the procedure must be repeated for the three types of securities A, B and C. In addition, if you want to add a drain can select the position of the option is right next to the Numbering tab.

Once you have completed this process must click «OK» and therefore the changes will automatically apply to the securities that have been set for the document.

So to create titles and the list is a simple process, you just have to apply each step properly to get the desired results. This way, your documents will have a good order with custom styles and listed.

It is important, Writer also allows open and save documents different formats to include those used in versions of Microsoft Office.

In short with this tool, you can feel free to create the documents you want. Since LibreOffice Writer done correctly see the amount of features and tools it contains and you can easily handle.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we like to know your opinion was number headings automatically in LibreOffice Writer? Do you know any other method that allows you to do? Leave your answers in the comments.

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