How To Put A Background Image On A Sheet Calc Libreoffice Writer

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Spreadsheets is one of the most used office tools worldwide to monitor their business activities. There are many companies engaged in the development of software capable of being spreadsheets of performance and today we will talk about a very powerful, if you have not downloaded, we recommend a install LibreOffice .

In particular, we will tell you Calc open source software gives you great advantages over other useful programs. One of the tools offered by this tool is the ability to customize your spreadsheets easily, like

And for that we are here, we will guide you with this article so you can proceed to place the image you want to get your sheets. Do not worry, it’s hard not to make this process with the steps we will show below.

Is it useful to use Calc?

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You may not be familiar with the Calc program and its tools if we will take time before continuing with the guide to talk. So you can have clearer information and better understand the process that we have prepared for you.

As mentioned earlier Calc is an Excel-style spreadsheet software free, but with smaller tools. This program has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux systems as part of the Apache Open Office suite.

One of the main advantages of this program is that being Open Source say several extensions that will serve you much and you will for example comparar two lists or columns. These tools can get for free on the net and you’ll have no problem to install them.

Another feature that Calc is that you can use metric measurements so you can accurately measure the cells or columns. In addition, you can configure these measures in cm, mm, inches, or any other type of measure that is used in your country.

So if you are looking for software to run spreadsheets that is powerful and then share that has useful tools Calc is for you. One of the most useful tools is the ability to add images using a simple procedure that you provide.

How to put background images in a Calc spreadsheet?


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The procedure you need to perform to insert background images in Calc is very easy to do. Just follow the steps we will show you below to have no problems in the process.

First of all, it goes without saying that you need to Calc installed on your PC if you do not have this program installed download works. Having said that we proceed to the explanation to the background images in your spreadsheets.

Step 1

The first procedure is simply include the image , you can do so by going to the context menu, then you select the position and click on the bottom section. By doing this procedure, your image will be below the cells in the background.

Step 2

Although at first glance looks like something impossible to insert your picture in the background, there is a way to do it. You need JavaScript Calc Navigator, you can find it in the toolbar Standard on the icon. You should look for options and you have to place in a known photos and click the + symbol is placed before the name.

Step 3

In the option’ll Images see a list of everything you have in your document, including ubicaste you will see that at the bottom and you can not select unless you do about it Double – click.

You can close your browser and you should be able to observe the image at the bottom of the spreadsheet. If you want you can also put it in the forefront so you can manage your own. So simple, you can work on your Calc sheet with when completed wallpaper can sets and different printed pages in LibreOffice Calc

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