How To Add The New Document Option To The Context Menu Of Ubuntu?

 Ubuntu system

If you are someone who you prefer the safety performance and speed offered by the operating system Ubuntu This article will show you how to add the new option in the paper Ubuntu menu.

The latest updates Ubuntu , namely 17,10 and 18, 04, do not provide, including the role to turn a new text document from the context menu of the mouse, it is a typical right click.

This time, we’ll show you how to save, simple and uncomplicated, this convenient option in your operating system.

For most Ubuntu users causing a surprise not very nice when they tried to activate the option of a new text file in Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 versions using Nautilus. to opt for the usual good touch of surprise! They find that this option has been disabled.

The operating system has Windws Microsoft programs, Ubuntu has the FreeOffice office suite lets you create documents.

Documents Hand

When you walk in your directory section, you will get a folder named Templates . In most cases, this issue go unnoticed by users, ie, it is little used.

In this case, we will show them how to use these models. Here you will learn how to add the new option of Ubuntu Document menu.

Templates is a directory which, as its name suggests, is used to host models.   The documents you have in that folder will be available in the context menu


This means, for example, without the painstaking composition ratios can allow file reports documents in this folder.

 Ubuntu logo menu

means that if press the right button to another folder, appreciate the alternative in the menu Create Report.

If escogiésemos, on the other hand, already registered in the context menu, we have the example report filed there.

This way you will have the report shows the hand when needed, that can be easily modified and changed , which saves the user time, it is extremely important.

How to add new options menu Ubuntu document?

Here, we’ll show two simple and practical ways to add this feature back paper from the context menu of the mouse in both versions of Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04. It will also help to know version of Ubuntu system you have installed.

First, it is a very simple procedure. a terminal is activated via the “ Ctrl + Alt + T ” function and the following is written:   “Touch/Models/\ empty document

This command allows you to create an empty folder named “ Blank Document “. This document is created in the model repository, so that the person using the required time.

From that point, when you press the right mouse button context menu of the mouse file directory, you will be the new alternative document. With which the ability to turn an empty document will.

Menu Ubuntu

Graphic environment

You can also add the new Ubuntu document options menu if you do not like or are friends with the commands and terminal, do not complicate your life. You can activate the model in the graphical environment virtually . In this case, the text editor used   they prefer the user


No need for anything to transcribe. All it takes is Save the empty folder in the folder template . You can baptize the name you want. Once activated, you will see in the templates directory.

Add Ubuntu documentation options menu is for the fans of this very easy and so in this article, we observed the operating system. We do not understand why Nautilus chose to eliminate alternative being the mouse context menu to be a very useful tool.

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As you add new documents to your main menu option, another way to customize or configure your desktop to your taste for comfort is change the color of the files or folders .

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