How To Modify And Configure The Grace Period Sudo In Ubuntu Linux

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In the OS The free Linux software is the most reliable in the order are necessary to optimize the work, in addition to achieving better performance. You can get optimize and clean the Ubuntu system.

Of course, these software also provide the service delivery systems, in which case it is called Ubuntu, designed for desktop computers, servers and educational materials.

Since there are different types of controls may need to configure, modify and use deadlines. Here we will see these changes make the Sudu order in the system Ubuntu operating and if yours is a little outdated should consider upgrade Ubuntu system to the latest version

Before we know what is and what is Sudu and Ubuntu also how to change and configure the grace period sudu in Ubuntu?

What is Sudu and what is it?

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This command allows users can get have special options in other Security programs as it has all the controls that you mention superuser acronym.

With this option managed to take control of different functions edit, delete or create a file, you can have a high level of user with complete control of the situation as a whole, as can speed up boot time or start system. Just remember that you must have an experience difficulties, since you will have everything at your own risk.

What you should know is that these privileges are times or periods of time so that we will learn to edit and configure this command Sudu in Ubuntu Linux.

How to modify and configure the period of Sudu thanks in Ubuntu?

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The ability to be a director for a while is very good, because you can do different things like add or remove applications start Linux and can be achieved using the steps you give, then we will explain, you can determine the time or change already.

Step 1

To begin, we must start with Ubuntu must type this command:   sudo gedit/etc/sudoers. At this command the action will open the sudo configuration file. Then we do the next step.

Step 2

When entering this menu item can see a lot of change, but now we place that does not give the opportunity to change the time or grace.

Step 3

You can see a text like this: Defaullts: ALL timeaut timestamp: 0, which’ll change the time in minutes of the grace period, they give you


Step 4

At the end of this time, you place text chosen by you, now we keep changing the grace period. This means that the operating keep the user password system for the time you put into text that we mentioned earlier.

As we have seen is very easy to make changes in periods of Sudu thanks in Ubuntu, it is always good to remember that these privileges are Administrator need to know exactly what you want to do, in addition to having experience in such operations. Sudu This command has its benefits, you mention three that we consider most important:

  1. You can manage or be a director for a while without entering key because you only have to activate this command you do it faster and direct, this gives increased security to the system.
  2. It will also give the opportunity to any user administrator to work for a while, without knowing the key or password just enter the Sudu.
  3. As the work is constant each day this Sudu control facilitates entering the operating system and perform the work within it.

The free software systems are very safe, when you see how to make these changes, the grace period sudu within the Ubuntu operating system, shows us very clearly, they are very reliable and secure systems, and work optimal performance.

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