How To Download And Install Linux Mint 32 And 64 Bits Spanish From Usb?

 Download Linux Mint

Linux Mint is one of the href = “”> that has a high level of popularity. If you want to know How to download and install Linux Mint 32 and 64 bit USB Spanish? and attention to this interesting article.

The Linux Mint operating system

Linux Mint 19 is a reliable and stable distribution which is very attractive to users of free software. However, this distribution consumes more resources; therefore, it is recommended to have a computer with 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of free space on your hard drive.

Then, we explain everything you need to know to download and install Linux Mint (32 or 64 bit) in Spanish from USB.

How to download and install Linux Mint 32 Spanish and 64-bit USB?

The download and installation of Linux Mint USB is very simple, just follow these steps and you can use this powerful system on your computer.

Download Linux Mint (Version 19)

To download Linux Mint is to enter the official website LinuxMint. Once you access the download links you choose the 32 or 64-bit option.

Then select where you download Geography . Thus, your computer will download a file with the extension .ISO about 1.9 GB.

Download “Rufus”


“Rufus” is a very lightweight application that allows you to prepare a boot disk from a USB drive, for example, create a bootable USB memory . To download “Rufus” Rufus must access the site.

Linux Mint desktop

Prepare the USB drive with Rufus

Launch “Rufus” program on your computer and enter your USB device which should have a capacity of 4 GB (recommended). From the Interface “Rufus”, select the USB drive and locate the .ISO file Linux Mint. Click the “Start” button.


Change startup settings in the BIOS

Without disconnecting the USB device, restart your computer and before starting the system jack on the button “Delete” or “F2” to enter the BIOS (the key depends on the BIOS manufacturer on your computer).

Once you have entered the parameters BIOS go to “Boot” configure booting from USB . Select your USB device as “boot device. “Press F10 to save and restart the computer.

Install Linux Mint USB

If you made the change correctly configured, you see the Linux Mint installation options. Choose “Start Linux Mint” for the system to load the volatile memory .

Then you will see a new window with the Linux Mint desktop (19.3 cinnamon). Click the “Install Linux Mint” and select the language ‘Spanish’. Then press the “Continue” button.

Sets the keyboard

The installation process prompts you to select the keyboard layout . To do this, select “Spanish” and press the “Continue” button.

Choose the installation of third party software

To install the latest drivers The relevant elements Marqués need to install third party software and pressure on the “Continue” button.

 Linux Mint Menu

Prepare hard disk space for installation of the system

You have several options for preparing the hard disk: delete the entire contents of the disk, encrypt files to install and manage Volume disc (if you have multiple partitions). Generally, the “Erase disc” to continue to press the “Install Now” is selected.

last steps for installation

Select the time zone. If you are logged in (a) the internet, this information is automatically detect . Then you must set the username and password under two options: ” automatic Login” and “Personal File Encryption”


No more steps to add, start the installation process that the time will depend on the performance of your computer. If you keep your internet connection may also install the Updates system.

Sets the BIOS boot

Finally, you must restart the computer and reconfigure the BIOS to change the “Device Startup” and the start team from the “hard drive”.

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