How To Install And Sync My Google Drive Documents With Ubuntu

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Today, we will see how to install and sync my Google Drive documents with Ubuntu simply by Thrush, an interesting alternative that is not official, because not always from Google drive for Linux version.

Google Drive is a storage service in the cloud rather complete allows us to see and internet access files offline and we have ensured that our records are safely guarded and definitely recover deleted files.

For Windows considerably easy to install, sync my documents or synchronization only certain files, even define Drive. While we do some preliminary things before you start syncing in the cloud Ubuntu.

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However, do not worry, it is very easy to carry it. Let me see step by step what we need to do a bit lower than you can sync Google Drive in Ubuntu. You will learn to install Thrush and so have all your insurance documents in the cloud.

The tutorial is suitable for any type of user who has either the knowledge base or advanced. Since I’m going step by step detailing all you need to do to run Google Drive in Ubuntu, is quite simple.

What we should mention is that although Thrush has many functions of the official client is a little more limited than the Windows version. However, very well satisfied the Synchronize files.

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How to install and Google Drive sync in Ubuntu

  • What we need to do is download Thrush as   deb or we can do it by APP. To do this, we will open a terminal and run the following commands: « sudo apt-add-repository ppa: nilarimogard/WebUpd8″, » sudo apt-get update», » sudo apt-get install thrush «, each without the quotes.
  • Now let’s install Drive on the terminal operating system. If you want to see a list of commands and switches that you can use, you must enter the « thrush -help «.
  • What we must do now is to the directory where you want all the files that are syncing with Google Drive.
  • After this we will have to authenticate the Google Account to use the program normally, for this we will use the following command: « thrush -a »
  • This generated a unique link in the same terminal that can support and the web page will open that has a code of 40 digits .
  • This is the code you enter in the Google Drive terminal to start your servers documents in the folder you specified.
  • Once authentication of the account and download all the files (something you should do once) can synchronize your Google Drive account with the command: « thrush sync »
  • .

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How to download and install Google Drive in Ubuntu

Here you have to wait for the arrival timing, which the number of files can take some time, so you must be patient at this stage.

This option allows you to sync all your Google Drive files in Ubuntu. In times of need to note that Thrush is – unofficial and is under development can contain occasional mistake, but usually nothing happens and it works great, but it is something we should talk.

As you can see is very easy to learn how to install and sync my Google Drive documents with Ubuntu . you in all the steps very little in the cloud safely and reliably. Similarly, if you still have any kind of doubt, you can leave it in the comments box which you will find below.

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