How To Install A Blu-Ray On Ubuntu Linux – Very Easy?

Ubuntu users previously had the problem of not being able to play DVDs easily. Although this was solved, Blu-Rays discs are more difficult to resolve. However, there are alternatives to this as install a Blu-Ray Linux Ubuntu.

There are already means to play back Blu-ray Ubuntu, by installing a program and then adding libraries decrypt protecting these files automatically.

Parallel to that there are private initiatives that offer this service pays closed code form. However, Linux is characterized as a open source software that offers alternatives free users to solve these problems.

In addition to that and as the last thing before you begin, you should also keep in mind that if it does not play DVDs can play music from Youtube on the Ubuntu desktop (also video), and even tune radio stations Linux (if you just want to listen to music).

What you are VLC and libraries?

VLC is a program which can be display multimedia content on a wide variety of different formats. In addition, it offers functions to convert, add subtitles and record screen, which makes this program a very useful tool.

While it is generally best known for its use in Windows, VLC has a version for Ubuntu and Linux-based operating systems. These offer the same range of features for free.

The developers of this program created a library for Linux that opens the possibility for users to view files Blu-ray protected or encrypted in a simple and fast way. This library is called Libbdplus.

 original terminal ubuntu

Note that libraries VideoLAN respect the rights and are legal, unlike other libraries that perform this function, which are potentially illegal within the United States. Because breaks the encryption of files for viewing.


Steps to install a Blu-Ray on Ubuntu Linux

To install a Blu-Ray on Ubuntu Linux using VLC, you must perform two processes, one for application and another for the library.

Installing VLC

The first is to click on the icon “Show applications” located at the bottom left of the Ubuntu desktop. &Nbsp; Then in the search bar should enter “ VLC “and select the first option. This will lead to a window where you give a description of the program and the “ Install ” button which will be pressed appear.

Then a window asking authentication or administrator credentials to install the program appears. Here you must enter the password of the administrator of the computer to proceed to install the application. If this does not have then you have to use the key root.

When the password is entered the window closes and a progress bar will show the progress of the installation of the program appears. When this is finished and will have VLC installed on your computer. To complete the process of installing a Blu-Ray on Linux Ubuntu should install this program library.

Installation of libraries to install a Blu-Ray

As a first step we will proceed to open a command terminal by pressing the “ Ctrl “, “ Alt ” and “ T ” keys to the same time.

In this console will have to insert the following command “sudo apt-get update -y” and proceed to run it. This information will show the latest package. Then you must insert “sudo apt-get install -y libbdplus-dev” for the Libbdplus library is installed.

 VLC interface

The second of the three libraries to install is added by running the command “sudo apt-get update” and then “sudo apt-get install libbluray-bdj” to finalize the process.

Finally, you must install the libaacs library by applying the “sudo apt-get update” and after that the execution of the following “sudo apt-get install libaacs-dev “.

With these three bookstores completes the process of installing a Blu-Ray on Ubuntu Linux and it will be able to play Blu-ray content using VLC player.

Finally to supplement is recommended that you seek more information about this program, from things as simple as remove the taskbar in full screen mode up complicated as   avoid cuts to the watch series and movies increasing the buffer.

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