How To Install Microsoft Office On Ubuntu Linux With Wine Easily?

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Many users already know how to install Microsoft Office Windows . However, if you want to get the Office suite in Ubuntu please read the following guide you will learn How to install Microsoft Office on Ubuntu Linux with Wine easily?

How to install Microsoft Office on Ubuntu Linux with Wine easily?

In the Microsoft Office suite in the Ubuntu operating system, you can use the Vin application that works so well in most cases. Read the following guide to make it easy this process:

  1. The Wine tool   It is installed by default in Ubuntu. In any case, if you do not have in your system, you can get it after opening the terminal and typing the following code ” sudo apt install wine.” Then press the “Enter” key and wait until it finishes downloading and installing the program.
  2. Once you install the wine program correctly, you can execute files designed for the Windows operating system or .exe files.
  3. Similarly, you can run configuration files such as Microsoft Office programs. For this reason, you must make an original copy of this popular program office.
  4. If you have access to this copy, you must run the “Setup.exe” and define the appropriate settings. So you can use the Microsoft Office program in Ubuntu.
  5. The above process works in most cases. Anyway, keep in mind that Windows programs are not prepared to work negatively on Linux. Therefore, there may be many errors that hinder their use.

 Fond Ubuntu

Another way to install Microsoft Office on Ubuntu

  1. As is common for users of Ubuntu, the procedure of Microsoft Office in Linux involves the use of the terminal system or console. Therefore, we recommend learn to use Linux terminal and know some basic commands. First, open the terminal settings easily by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T .
  2. Once you have Ubuntu Open Terminal, type the following code: ” cd/Downloads” and press the “Enter” key
  3. .

  4. Locate the download folder. To successfully download the Office suite, type the following in the terminal: ” sudo dpkg -i microsoft_online_apps.deb” and press the “Enter” key
  5. .

  6. By doing this, you will start the Microsoft Office download process, after which links to the application are displayed in Ubuntu.

It should be noted that the above method will use the online options of Microsoft Office, which are completely free. Anyway, it is very possible that they have some limitations, so OpenOffice might still be the best option in Ubuntu.

 alternative Microsoft office OpenOffice

OpenOffice as an alternative to Microsoft Office

The response of the Open Office application is free software with Microsoft Office, in fact, works very well and has nothing to envy to pay Microsoft software. Without doubt the most recommended in the Linux platform, and even for other platforms ofimático program because it is Free .

You can get OpenOffice directly to Ubuntu Linux Windows and MacOS operating systems, software that can pass through the official link Apache OpenOffice, which you can easily get through.

If you can not install Windows in Ubuntu Linux or do not work properly, definitely should try this useful application that is compatible with Microsoft Office files. On the other hand, if you have a mobile can download free Spanish Office for your phone advantage offered by this office suite.

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