How To Install The App Store App Outlet In Ubuntu From The Terminal?

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Learn how to install the App Store App Outlet Ubuntu is a challenge, but not impossible. The tool consists of an item on the desktop GNU/Linux computers, its structure is similar to that observed in the App Store. From the store, you can install the necessary software like onlyoffice office package.

Its main objective is to access, search and download the Computer Software in the famous Snap shop Applmage Flathub and a place. This element has the ability to attach multiple formats within a single user interface that is the real task of the App.

Quick and easy: How to install the App Store App Outlet

It is very important to know that the process of installing the App Outlet store applications in Ubuntu, your computer must follow certain operational criteria. One is that there must be RAM. 3 – 4 GB

In addition to the fact that, before the installation, open a terminal using the command Ctrl + Alt + T and select the most important. Then do the following:

If a package .deb

Most technicians decide to use this model because its Elen DEB download all the commands available on the web. They can be located using the browsers . packages or programs can also   downloaded from the terminal


After completing the discharge procedure, to installation and implementation of the document in the operating system. Then place the following command: sudo dpkg -i-outlet.deb app


When using the package snap

Surprising as much this figure as an installation method, especially when there are versions called snap. Are available in most hard drives or GNU Linux computers.

 applications are several

At the finish downloading, you must place the command: s Udo app install plug-output software component . Obviously, it is important to wait until all the steps and commands requesting the same program.

If you ever find a broken or improperly installed package also dese can repair the terminal.

If you use AppImage

The most recommended method by experts in this type of application must be made on the official website or audited media. From contraction and prevent malware or malfunctions.


Most GNU/Linux have access to these stores. Its only downside is that it allows the execution of Snaps or DEB package. The same as any other medium, the user will handle the download and execution. Once finished, it is finished using the following command:. chmod + x sudo app outlet.AppImage

The items you need to know about installing the App Store App Outlet

The application interface is very simple, but a few things that everyone should know. These include the following:

Search bar

This is on top of it, is that is used to find or find apps or games more streamlined way and specific. This model works as a search by keywords or differentiators.


Your Menu system has 4 buttons , one to access the beginning of the platform and the second for entry in the category. While the other two, the first part and other settings for special formats affiliated users. Knowing choose these values ​​as you wish, allowing consumers to have greater mobility and freedom by the application.

Search App exit

Application Panel

Applications show more popular 3 screeds, it is Update all the time. Newspapers also features new versions of trying to improve the user experience.

The application, in general, seeks to create a range of options that offer solutions to various issues of daily life. Including instant messaging applications, games, media, food assistance, among others.

You can also search programs and applications for Ubuntu from the Internet and download quickly.

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