How To Easily Install The Suite Of Office Software Wps Office In Ubuntu Linux

 install the Office suite in wps ubuntu

Most people have computers and laptops rely on your Windows or Mac OS, it is not at all a secret. The success that we have had these large companies has forgotten, almost completely, which other operating systems .

However, those who work hard and quietly in these alternatives still have significant growth from one moment to another, achieving a stroke of authority and placed among the top .

What is Ubuntu Linux? The alternative to Windows and MacOS

 Ubuntu Linux alternative to Windows and Mac OS

One of the operating systems that began this fight difficult, but not impossible, is Ubuntu. This is a Linux distribution launched in 2004, a free software and open-source , which is a minor detail, since, in this way, seeks to improve its performance characteristics with the collaboration of developers using this operating system.

How developed Ubuntu?

The Ubuntu growth has been extraordinary. In early 2009, roughly estimated at least 10 million people used this operating system.

  • In October of the following year, the number has doubled to 20 million.
  • Currently, is the third most used system operating in the world , although the numbers are not as outrageous as expected.
  • For the month of January 2020, Windows still has an incredibly vast advantage, with 89.97% of users worldwide, while Mac OS is second with 9.42% and Linux, third place with 2.03%.
  • All other operating systems can not 1% of users . Closest to this figure is Chrome OS with 0.42%.

The Office

Choose a computer with some OS is something very essential that probably the programs you usually use may not be available for another operating system or its operation n ‘ is not correct at all.

In addition, one of the programs that can not miss on any computer are those related to office, namely the automation of tasks that are usually performed in manual offices in shaped pipe.

What programs use it?

Computer and office, it is the two that make up the office. You probably unfamiliar term, ignoring that, surely, on any computer you’re using, installed programs related to this item.

 WPS office install on Ubuntu Linux

When finding and installing it will soon appear certain programs in the package Microsoft office , namely: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, mainly


However, here there is also an interesting conflict for a place that the most used programs. So you are not navigating a few alternatives.

WPS Office, office suite for Linux

One such program is WPS Office . The program itself was launched in 2001, although it is estimated that exists since 1988, but as a word processor. His presentation of 2001 and the spreadsheet program and presentation included.

Since 2014, the program is available for users of the free software Ubuntu/Linux , and despite some limitations or disadvantages compared to other programs, now has hundreds of millions of users.

How to install WPS Office in Ubuntu Linux?

To have this tool on your computer with the operating system Ubuntu Linux, you just start by downloading the program WPS Office.

Previously, you had to make various downloads the installer , fonts and other elements that are necessary for the installation of WPS Office.


Currently, getting all tablets items should only use the ‘dpkg’ command to decompress in the appropriate folders.


Do you dare try WPS Office?

This alternative incredible can not miss on your computer , regardless of the operating system that count, but if Ubuntu Linux is not hesitate to try, in a very simple manner WPS Office on your computer and tell all your friends how amazing and easy it is.

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