How To Optimize The Battery Life Of The Pc With Slimbookbattery In Ubuntu?

 PC battery Life

Through the following tutorial will teach How can I optimize the lifetime of the battery with the PC SlimbookBattery in Ubuntu? A very useful process that can extend the life of the battery in your computer.

How can I optimize the lifetime of the battery with the PC SlimbookBattery in Ubuntu?

If you have a laptop that runs on batteries, it is best optimized for adequate consumption. This can easily do with SlimbookBattery program. Therefore, we recommend that you read the following to learn how to properly install and configure

  1. For SlimbookBattery application in Ubuntu, you must learn to use Linux terminal so that you can access by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T .
  2. Once the Ubuntu open terminal correctly, you need to enter multiple codes, the first is the next ” sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Slimbook/Slimbook”. After writing the above, press the “Enter” key.
  3. When properly download the package above file, type the following code to the terminal ” sudo aptinstallslimbookbattery” and press “Enter.”
  4. With the commands listed above can download and install the tool SlimbookBattery. So you can control and optimize the lifetime of the battery in your computer. On the other hand, if you do not use the terminal you can choose to download the online application, and then install the program Ubuntu .

Once you install SlimbookBattery, its icon appears in the Ubuntu bar. You can easily recognize the icon by lightning. Similarly, with this icon, you can access the various configuration options that owns the application.

Ubuntu Desktop

Set the application to start SlimbookBattery backup battery on your PC

SlimbookBattery are several ways you can optimize the lifetime of the battery in your computer at some point before that, we have the basic mode that shows three different options: the saving energy, balanced and maximum performance

Energy Saver

As you can activate the power plan on Windows , this option research save as much as possible the battery of your computer/laptop with the Ubuntu system. Thus, the resource is preserved and can be more active in our equipment.

It should be noted that the energy saving mode, will not offer the best performance in demanding applications, which is why you may see a decrease in computer performance, either way is the ideal choice for those struggling in battery need more.


The balanced fashion is a environment between “energy saving” and “maximum performance”. If this option you will get acceptable performance at the same time the battery will not be consumed as violently as the mode of maximum performance.

This is the recommended option for everyday use, in case you do not use demanding applications such as video or other games. The balanced fashion provide a good balance between performance and battery life.

table Devices

Maximum performance to optimize the life of the battery from the PC in Ubuntu

This mode is designed to make the enjoying our PC/notebook , in any way energy consumption will be the maximum, which is a recommended option if you are looking for is to save energy .

This configuration is designed specifically for people who want to play or use your computer for heavy and demanding tasks. To use this mode is the best thing that has connected the computer to a power source, since the battery in this mode would have. short term

Advanced Mode

Just like that indicates your name, the Advanced mode is intended for all users who wish to implement rigorously the power options using the SlimbookBattery tool. Not a thought for newbies so because it involves many features that require prior knowledge.

However, if you have computer skills and equipment, you can use the Advanced Mode function to make a more complete configuration you and suits your needs. Using advanced SlimbookBattery implementation mode, you can achieve that perfect balance between performance, at its discretion and power saving.

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