How To Sync Cloud Service Using Rclone In Ubuntu?

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For those who need a reliable alternative for storing and synchronizing files and folders from the computer in the cloud, is available Rclone. Interestingly, this article will show you how to sync cloud service using Rclone Ubuntu.

In essence Rclone is a free application code developed by Rsync Nick Craig in the language GB, whose goal is the directory and file synchronization.

Both the local system more flat – hosted cloud forms, among which are: Drive Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex files, a drive, Hubic, CloudFiles Google Cloud Storage Swift.

Another way is to save documents in the USB memory. If you have a damaged, illegible or can use Gparted and Ubuntu .

Rclone a reliable option

massive amounts of file management and directory , both on a local system, the computer and the spaces offered by the cloud has become a topic of the day.

If you do not know Ubuntu has its own office suite Microsoft Office and Windows is the operating system Ubuntu FreeOffice.

Individuals, professionals and organizations are increasingly treating these files look vital organizational management . That’s why these resources management options, ie the synchronization to always be within reach when needed hand, are more every day.

An excellent alternative for these tasks is Rclone be positioned on the open market and offers multiple performance and reliability. Here we show you how to synchronize services in the cloud using Rclone in Ubuntu.

PC and multiple devices

Rclone is supported by an application control feature that enhances the and file sharing between different platforms: present in the cloud.

All the applications you need can have your Ubuntu system, these applications can be downloaded from Internet, and once you’ve downloaded just need to install them.

Simple and convenient: Services in the cloud Synchronizing using Rclone in Ubuntu

The first thing you need to do is set Rclone. This is achieved by: creating a new configuration file, for a terminal function “ Rclone config

With a Rclone remote connection works. To run this new remote connection, the user must press the “ No ” button and give “Intro”. The next step is to label with this name connection.

To continue setting, enter the number you have selected for the new selection and retype “Intro”. When your Rclone connection is already complete, sign – on your keyboard the letter “ and ” that indicates that the configuration is well and press “Intro”.

Then we show you the commands to copy data into the matrix of your connection manager “ Rclone
copy/path/to/the/folder/file/nombredetuconexcion: remotefolder

If you want to sync data is through remote login, run the following command: rclone sync/path/to/file/a/sync/nombredetuconexcion: remotefolder

In this way show us how best to define and how to synchronize the Rclone cloud service using Rclone Ubuntu and other operating systems.

Rclone offers multiple diverse options

What makes it special is that Rclone supports a variety of platforms , total more than 40, to receive files and directories available on the cloud. We show you a list:

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  • Amazon Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Box, Ceph, Digital Ocean spaces, Dreamhost, Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Hubic IBM COS S3.
  • Memset MEMSTORE, Mega, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Microsoft onedrive, Minium, Nextcloud, OVH, OpenDrive, OpenStack Swift. Oracle Cloud Storage, ownCloud, pCloud,, QingStor, Rackspace Cloud Files, SFTP, Wasabi, WebDAV, Yandex drive.

or selective encryption synchronization

Rclone, offers on its website detailed information about applications above – mentioned and other more advanced applications, such as synchronization and selective encryption of files and directories.

Not for nothing, who were immersed in the world of Rclone adjetivan as the “Swiss Army Knife” for administer and manage files in the cloud , fame seems well deserved. Today we show how to synchronize their utility and cloud services to help Rclone in Ubuntu and other operating systems.

Another way to protect your documents creates a copy or back up your files ubuntu.

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