How To Test Virtual Machine Linux And Windows From The Online Browser?

Windows virtual machine

Test the operating systems before installing them is a simple task but requires some tools. If you ask   How to test the Linux and Windows virtual machine from the browser online? This article is for you.

How to test the Linux and Windows virtual machine from the browser online?

A virtual machine consists of a software that runs in a window of the computer as if it were a running application. The process does not affect the operation of the operating or computer performance running system.

Then, we explain what is a virtual machine, its usefulness and the importance and the procedures for accessing this software from an online browser.

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is a program that emulates the operation of a computer to another by encapsulation between the two instruments. The software creates a virtual machine from a separate layer to the use of the hardware components of an operating system through a process emulation.

keyboard Windows operating system

What is a Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine used to emulate an operating system to try safely without risking the computer behavior that runs its own operating system. It also enables increase the size of the hard disk when the storage space is needed to the team.

As for the question of Security may execute files from the virtual machine to check whether they are reliable or not and prevent them from causing damage to your computer. Therefore, you maintain immunity in the actual operating system.

Manages network technology with a virtual machine

You can simulate a Network Neighborhood to connect multiple virtual machines running on the same computer through an interconnection and configuration management as would occur in actual equipment. This process would be very helpful to you if you want to test the security of your networks or when send messages on the console network Windows to inform a whole group work.

How to test the Linux virtual machine from the browser online

If you want to emulate the GNU/Linux virtual machine operating system can take advantage of the online browser to complete this procedure. For this, you need to access a website called DistroTest.

What DistroTest?

DistroTest is a site that you can get from an online browser of your choice. This site lets you test different versions or Linux distributions of the Internet prior to installation.

DistroTest has a large reservoir of distributions you can try for free. The site runs a VNC server that allows users to access the platform and displayed as it really is then run the version of your choice.

How to use DistroTest?

Once you have accessed DistroTest see Home with a list of Linux distributions available and listed alphabetically. Press the version of your choice and click “Details” to see the attributes of the virtual machine. Then press the “Start” or “Start system” to start the virtual machine in a new window.

 Linux virtual machine

procedure to test the Windows virtual machine from the browser online

You can connect to a virtual machine that emulates the Windows system on the site DevTest Azure Labs you’ll get in a web browser. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy your operating system, you can choose to enable Hyper-V on Windows by a simple and convenient process.

What Azure Bastion?

Azure Bastion is a Microsoft service that allows you to connect to your virtual machines from the Web browser. This provides an RDP/SSH connection via Azure Portal . Users can enable access from a browser for virtual machines by creating a virtual network Azure Bastion. In fact, you can assign a static IP address to a virtual machine with Azure.

Using Azure Bastion to test a virtual machine from the browser

To use this service must connect to “Portal Azure” from any Web browser. Next, the selection of a virtual machine session RDP/SSH will open the browser. It is important, you do not need a public IP address of the virtual machine that provides Azure service.

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