To Activate Or Deactivate The Touchpad While Writing In Ubuntu Linux

A common problem with people using laptops is interference touchpad when the keyboard is used when writing. which can interfere with the comfortable text transcription.

However, this technology is essential accessory to mobilize the cursor over the entire screen when the mouse has the hand.

This is why people often prefer Customize your computer to decide myself when the TouchPad is enabled for use. And avoid interference even for different activities.

Ubuntu Linux over other operating systems is that it offers the ability to customize to your liking the PC interface. So today you will learn how to assign the proper use of this accessory.

Set the touchpad via the terminal Ubuntu Linux

There are various ways and situations for which warrants carry a specific configuration. And fortunately, this operating system has the tools to do it.

If you prefer if access to global efforts that are made in the touchpad , a gear icon in the toolbar Linux is the most effective solution.

 Setting touchPad Ubuntu Linux terminal

Although this is a default feature that is hidden in the system requires a previous installation to enjoy your configurations. To do this, you must first open the Ubuntu Linux terminal and write commands are listed – below:

  • ” sudo add-apt-repository ppa: atareao/atareao
  • ” sudo” apt-get update
  • Touchpad indicator sudo apt-get install “

In the end, you will see how the system tray designated indicator touchpad icon tool displayed. What can be opened via the right mouse button.

Among the options available within mainly include the option Enable or disable the touchpad laptop. On the other hand, if you access the preferences section, you can find a variety of parameters that can be defined to improve the use of the panel. Among them you will find:

  • The first option create a shortcut combination comfortably keys to perform the function mentioned above. Without the need to open or place to run the application to run.
  • The touchpad indicator also allows you to perform a series of actions, depending on how the user decides to use the computer. A good example of this is the possibility that the panel will automatically turn off when a mouse is connected or when you write, or perform a specific action when the screen is opened or closed.
  • In the following, you are the notification settings . The icon will be assigned to the application and how it works the panel itself.

This allows for certain movements performed on the specific behavior of the touchpad is made. Such as the degree of sensitivity or the manner in which the screen moves.

The touch pad is automatically disabled to writing? This is a solution!

The Linux community has received numerous complaints about certain versions. E Touch the panel automatically disables writing .

 touchpad solution is automatically deactivated on write

While many people like this preference, others do not like, because it interferes with other activities such as video games. To resolve this issue, enter a command in the terminal: “ GSetting in September org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad disable-in overhang by typing

After pressing the “Enter” key, regardless of the default configuration that action will be disabled and you will not suffer the same disadvantage.


The use of touch panels is essential for those who work with notebook , but many times can be difficult.

Since many users have generated complaints from its forum, Ubuntu Linux offered the simplest solution for their community. Not only found a way to solve this problem, but also everyone could configure it to your liking .

Since then, each person can possibly modify the action of the touchpad, without worrying about re suffering a similar problem again.

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