How To Blur, Blur Or Pixelate A Video With Mac Screenflow

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If you’re dabbling in online video editing know you could use How to blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow in Mac . This application called Screenflow is one of the most widely used for this and is compatible with a wide range of devices including your Mac.

It is also one of the few programs that allow you to do all the editions of your video from the same App, without requiring more applications. So if you want to be quite an expert defocusing, blurring or Screenflow pixelando a video with Mac read this post.

How Blur, Smudge or Pixelar Screenflow video with Mac

Steps to blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow

The first thing you should do before you learn how to blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow on Mac is to have the application installed on your computer. If you have not already done so, dale click the following link, so you can download Screenflow so safe and easy.

Once you have already installed the application on your device Screeenflow follow these steps:

  1. Open the application and select the video you want to blur, blur or pixelate.
  2. Then, in the bottom bar Zoom going to increase the size of the track playback video.
  3. Now, the playhead go to put you in the second or exact minute where you want to start blurring.
  4. Then, you give click on the video track to select it and dithering can be made.
  5. On the menu located on the right side, you choose the fourth symbol called “Callout” and choose “Action +” button to add an action.
  6. The following message appears on your screen will give click “OK” button.
  7. On the right menu “Callout” marks the option “ Freehand “, you decrease the opacity slider to “0” and increasest bar blur to your liking.
  8. If you want to blur a square area need to select the square symbol that goes on the side of the video. On the contrary if you select round area it is a round symbol that also goes out to the side of the video.
  9. After this, you only need to click the mouse in the area of ​​the video you want to blur without releasing drag the mouse to cover the desired size.
  10. . Finally, you go to the bar to click the video track, just on the right side outside (Callout) to be kept for dithering
  11.  edit video defocus

    It is worth noting that you can do this several times on the same video to blur, blur or pixelate various parts of the video .

    Application advantages Screenflow

    When you have a video and want any part of it does not see, either because it is a registered or sensitive data, you’ll need an application brand. These applications they do is blend for example a face or a license plate of a car, so you do not see in the video.

    Currently, you can find in the app store on your device Mac great variety of App for editing video. One of the best applications for this is Screenflow, not only because you can edit your videos but also because you can use your camera to capture directly.

    So if you want to make a tutorial video directly from the App Screenflow and edit it once, this app easily allows. In addition, you also have the option to enable the microphone on your Mac computer so that not only captures image but also audio from your videos.

    Also, capture the audio from the computer, which is very convenient for Gammer, for when they want to make your game tutorials . Also Screenflow supports subtitles and graphics animation for when you want to edit a movie, you can accomplish with this program.

    Another interesting option that has the Screenflow program for Mac is the ability to include him your issues Animated Gif and PNG. Another topic very interesting that you might be interested is how to videotape a presentation in PowerPoint slides.

    Screenflow editor program

    How could you see blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow is very simple and fast if you follow the instructions of this wonderful post. Remember that only can find the most varied content tutorials.

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