How To Install Third-Party Applications Downloaded From The Internet On My Mac

The operating system created by Apple is recognized worldwide for its security restrictions, so that install third party applications is a prohibited procedure in their computers .

Although it is mandatory to use the store to buy an application, this library is actually a complete software content. Unfortunately, all programs therefore are not there sometimes need to download on the Internet.

is the location where you open the risk of deviation from the installation of an unknown program developer increases the possibility of get malicious software or other threat.

With that in mind, it is recommended to download programs from a secure page to make the following adjustments to the installation.

Follow the steps below to use third-party applications on your Mac!

The main purpose of the Mac App Store is to ensure that the programs have gone through a series of strict parameters before downloading all to allow various existing computers.

This is due to the popularity they have achieved the malicious agents who slip through the Internet, preventing any of these teams reach.

Because you may need to use an application that is not in this store, you can always try to locate it with Internet search engines. This does not require much effort, only need to open a browser Safari to access Google, to get there, enter the name of the word accompanied software “Mac.”

 use of third-party applications on your Mac

Here is a list of websites, most of which tend to be sure developers or officials appear. Once you have finished downloading and file located in folders on your Mac computer, you will make the following configuration change activate Installing third-party applications.

Because this is set to the Mojave version of the Mac, it is recommended to install, use it or before the


Do you later Catalina and you need to install third party applications? Here you have the solution!

One of the worst news they could announce Apple representatives, was the elimination of the above options to achieve using third-party applications in the operating system.

In this way, forced more than one user to access only the content of the store. But this can be changed by a .

Through the system launcher must write the word “Terminal” and press “Enter.” A small window appears in which you must enter the following command: ” sudo SPCTL -master ~ off”

Once you have entered the command, ask the password and you must restart the computer application via the Finder “Killall Finder” command.

 later to install third party applications Catalina

In the end, reenter the options of “Security and Privacy” so you can see how the option reappeared on the menu, which allows installation of programs ” any site” and comfortably enjoy lack of enforcement.

To conclude this article, I would remind the risk of downloading content pages unknown, so that it is necessary to check the safety of the program .

In this way, even change the system default settings, avoid future problems related to invasion of privacy or damage your computer.

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