How To Fix The Problem When My Mac Unbootable

 solve the problem when my mac will not start

As you give your use of the Mac computer, can have a kind of failure at some point, preventing proper operation. An example of these situations is when your Mac fails to “boot” or.

Many times this occurs, the cause is unknown, like there is a large margin of error which can be summarized in hardware or software problems composing


The products from Apple, highlighting the computers have a reputation as a high performance material, so that such a situation is often strange. Anyway, this is no reason to Confide, so in this article we will discuss possible solutions to help you recover your computer .

Make sure that your Mac does not really turns

and Start are two very different functional aspects. Because it may happen that the team does not turn on the whole, or just not the ability to perform the process correctly.

To check, press the power button and be alert to possible signs sound or light that the computer can emit. If none of this happens, make sure the computer is properly connected to the exit, as if it is a laptop, your battery is charged and installed correctly.

 Mac really not running

In these situations may need to disconnect all devices connected via USB, it can also cause such problems. is always advisable to keep a backup copy on your computer and if you have documents such situations.

You can not boot your Mac computer? Attempts to solve problems


One of the reasons why a computer may stop switch is functionality directly affect this process . Therefore, try the following:

Reset RAM settings


Inside the computer is known by the acronym PRAM, which is more than the storage site data and configurations that have been applied to the computer. To start, turn on your computer and instantly introduces the combination of “ Command + Option + P + R ” keys.

You must keep the keys pressed while the Mac restarts, because after his firing is heard for the second time is when you can release them. From there, you can determine if the computer indicated operation reacquires.

Start the computer in Safe Mode

If the solution above – accomplished nothing, you can always try the computer accompanying Safe Mode. Through this method can Run utilities that reestablecerán operation Mac or ongoing execution solutions by removing corrupted files, among others.

 Start the computer in safe mode

You can activate if you turn on the computer and hold down the ‘Shift’ up to a blue screen. If we can start using this shortcut, it is because the safe mode has already been ordered to correct software failures, so you just need to restart your computer and use your computer as you did regularly.

Do you consider a hardware problem?

As you give use your Mac, will gradually deteriorate if periodic maintenance is advisable to avoid these situations and different future.

Since the team does not light, it is recommended that verify that the disk < strong> disk still connected in the right way, but you can try to test it on another computer.

If you get one of the options a positive response, unfortunately, you will need to buy a new hard drive to use the computer, but the information you had stored before.

In conclusion, I discussed above, although the Mac system is highly recommended and with little, did not prove that the incidents are the expiration date present. Therefore, perform proper maintenance on your computer from time to time will help prolong the operation of the same, just to keep backups on hand.

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Only in this way can save you this kind of problems, inconveniences and even exaggerated to get to recover the cost of such devices.

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