How To Configure Or Customize The Touch Strip Bar And Control On A Macbook Pro

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Computers have evolved over time to become most powerful and lightweight as they are updated. In fact, today a computer is a million times more powerful than the first was invented making it advantageous for the user. Yet it is sometimes necessary increase the storage space of the MacBook

One of the best models laptops are manufactured by Apple MacBook bringing new useful features like MacBook connect to a TV . One of these features is called the little bar innovative touch bar and put yourself well help a lot. This article will show you how to customize it.

How to configure or customize the touch Strip bar and control on a MacBook Pro

What is a Touch Bar?

A Touch Bar is a small sign, a bar or a touch screen that can be located above the MacBook Pro keyboards where you can normally see the function keys. Although at first sight this digital bar does not seem to have as many features, the truth is that useful for all.

Allows you to perform various functions, edit the , how they are classified, how to access certain features and more.

It also has three sections, one where you can see the controls of the application, the second is a small section of four buttons that are part of the control strip and the third is the rest of the buttons on the control Strip or complete control bar.

Of course seeing enjoy, you can access your Touch Bar Bar You can customize feel and use it in the most comfortable way. That’s why we’ll talk about the configurations that could be helpful. But how to use bar MacBook Touch

How to configure   and the control band? Touch Bar

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As I mentioned earlier, there are several configurations, but we’ll show the most useful for you to start your juicing Touch Bar.

Among the sections mentioned above, you will use only the first two, application controls and control strip that make up the four buttons. You can also set your bar to touch the key click the “ fn select band control. Then we’ll show you what the following steps:

  • You must go to Apple menu using the  key and select the option called System Preferences.
  • The next step is to enter the option key on the Keyboard tab
  • Now in the touch bar displays you select commands and with this application, select the Show Control Strip
  • Basically, where it says Press fn for, you choose the option to extend the control strip

with different functions that require the expansion of control strip to access the fn key can be helpful.

How to customize the sections?

 index on the contact point key mac

You can set this to show you the buttons and options of use. And if you want to customize the buttons of the application, you can do inside. You will see the Display menu option and you can customize your touch bar. Depending on the application, the options will be different and can not count on any.

Speaking of the control strip in one of his presentations, Apple provides options and you can customize the way very similar to the previous one, with only a slight difference:

  • You need to go to the Apple menu via key  and select the option called System Preferences.
  • Choose the key option, then enter the Keyboard tab
  • Now, the next option is the custom control strip

You should see all the options you can customize your screen when control strip is extended. And if you want to add options, you just click and drag to Touch Bar.

If you choose a button and drag it to the site you want, it will automatically replace that of this place before. You can rearrange your buttons with your finger directly on your touch bar is the advantage of being a touch bar.

Once the customization, you all remains the buttons on the Control Strip , all you have to do is to develop and show you to other options on the screen that you can apply with just slip as indicated above.

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