How To Establish And Private Fixed Ip Address On My Mac

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Having a IP address private fixed on your Mac is extremely valuable, because they have the same IP whenever you connect and your connection will be much more stable. Also, to be a private IP address more safely tell the network where your Mac is connected.

In addition, if you use P2P applications discharge ports open faster and not have to set all the time. So if you are looking for ways on how set and put a private IP address fixed on your Mac read this post so you make it today.

How to set up and an IP address private fixed on my Mac

How to configure and private fixed IP address on a device Mac

Although it is a technical process, configure and post and change a private fixed IP address on your Windows or Mac computer is really easy. So if you were thinking of a lot of difficult steps to perform to set up your IP address on your Mac, you were wrong.

In fact, to put a private fixed to your Mac will not have to install any additional software on your computer IP address. Nor have to change any settings of the router or modem Internet because, do everything from Mac the same device.

Then know the simple steps you should do to quickly set up and a fixed address on your Mac Private IP:

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  1. Enter the gear icon, called “ Preferences System “.
  2. Next, choose the icon “Network”.
  3. In the next window, you will see a left menu where you will select the tab regarding how you are connected to your network. If you are connected via WiFi select the connection and then you give click on the “Advanced” button.
  4. Now, you will see several tabs connection and elijes “TCP/IP” and the option “Configure IPv4” choose to use “ DHCP with manual address “.
  5. The following option called “IPv4 Address” must place the same IP address leaving the fourth option “Router”. But only need to change the last digit to convert your fixed private IP address, you can place any digit number not exceeding 255.
  6. Finally, you give click on the button ‘OK’ and then ‘Apply’ to save changes.
  7. After making these changes, you’ll see how the Internet connection on your computer Mac is disconnected and reconnected. But this time with your new private fixed IP address , so you can enjoy a better connection.

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    Tips when you set up and private fixed IP address on Mac

    As you realized, it really is very easy place your new private fixed IP address on your computer Mac . But, you would be very useful to know certain things you have to keep in mind if you want your new network address to function properly.

    Then meet a list of tips and suggestions you should consider to configure and private fixed IP address on your Mac.

    • Before you begin, make sure you create and set up a wireless network to function properly . This you can confirm entering any web page before you start setting up the new IP address.
    • The most convenient is to put your new address with the private fixed IP terminal 254, and your new Internet connection will be more stable. Because when your router begins to assign IP addresses to all connected devices these never collide with you just placed.
    • There P2P servers that will ask for your IP address and the putting on the penultimate number available network (254) always remember. This way, you will not enter the system preferences each time you require your IP address because I always know.
    • Do not try putting on the last available number of the router (255), it will not work or have your private fixed IP address. This is because, this number is used by your router for configurations and system services and not available to users.

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    Configuring and private fixed IP address on your Mac so you can always achieve and when you follow the instructions and tips in this post. Do not forget to follow our blog and leave a comment where will gladly answer any questions regarding this technological issue.

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