How To Configure My Mac Os Trackpad If I Installed Windows With Bootcamp

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Trackpad Configure your Mac Os can be a challenge; However, Apple has a solution for that. After upgrading Microsoft Windows on your Mac you’ll need install software compatibility are some Windows drivers.

So we bring this Post, so that you know the solution that brings Apple, called Boot Camp software from official Apple . Explore how to configure the Trackpad and how to install Windows with the drivers. In addition, this app also lets you install the driver Windows on Mac through a USB .

Setting the Trackpad my Mac OS if I installed Windows with bootcamp

Steps required to configure the trackpad on my Mac OS

First, to advance need to install updates Mac OS newest where this update includes the bootcamp.

Second need confirm that your Mac contains disk space to manage the installation of Windows using Boot Camp. Finally, you must have a Mac 64 GB free space on hard disk less.

USB Flash Drive

You’ll need to install the software compatibility with Windows USB flash unit, which should be with MS-DOS format (FAT) and an external USB drive that contains 16 GB empty. For this inicias Mac OS; USB flash drive you link to the Mac; Disk Utility inicias that is in the Utilities Applications folder.

Next on the menu bar, you click on View and select display all devices ; You will find the Disk Utility in your sidebar; you click on the USB flash drive . Choose the name of the unit Click the delete .; choose MS-DOS (FAT) format and boot record (MBR) the scheme . Finally, these steps click on delete and thus formatearás the unit.

uSB device

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Download Windows software compatibility

A having and USB flash drive, make sure your Mac has Internet and measure their speed to see if it is enough starts the Boot Camp assistant Mac OS, in the menu bar click on Utilities opens the Boot Camp Assistant .

So, even in the screed at the top of your screen click on action and download the Windows support software; then press the USB flash drive to save and start downloading at the end of Boot Camp closes the wizard.



Once you have downloaded the software compatibility of Windows on the flash unit, m Anten connected USB flash drive to the Mac ; Start your Mac in Windows; then in your file browser starts USB flash drive; press setup.exe or install in the Boot Camp folder. A dialog box for the Boot Camp can make changes to the device, press will appear.

Then click on Repair to start the installation. Although an alert appears in a dialog that has not passed the test of the Windows logo type, select Continue . Finally upon completion installation, you click on end and Restart your Mac.

software installation

Note that when the Windows installer is finished, your Mac will load Windows and automatically open the Boot Camp Assistant ; Click on next and then on install and the Boot Camp Assistant will start the download and install the necessary drivers for Windows. Press end and so your Mac will restart and load Windows

NOTE: To upload your Mac to Windows , restart it and hold the ALT button until the screen displays boot manager; so you can select whether you want to load Windows or MacOS.

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Now accounts with the possibility of having Windows on your Mac OS setting the Trackpad by your Windows drivers ; This will give you what you want on your Mac, such as the use of many gestures that allow you to access different functions and work with small elements accurately when scrolling.

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