How To Synchronize Notes From My Mac Or Ipad With My Mobile Android?

Although the popular belief indicate that there is an absolute incompatibility between these two devices, the ability to synchronize notes with each other shows that even being so different companies, manage a point quite important union.

This had not been considered before, as both brands have always been established as adversaries, but has shown the opposite.

The truth is that nearly most applications and phone features work through common connections, giving a plus.

Currently the Notes application plays an important aspect from the point of view of both SO, as users see it as an indispensable tool for storing accurate, important and deserves to be remembered.

Therefore, the desire to set this joining together is possible , and can be performed from any aspect. And we’ll show you how.

First Method: Sync notes via Gmail from a Mac or iPad computer to an Android device

It is no secret that the platform Google is one of the most commonly used today, which is a great benefit for Android devices, because this company is the one who has been busy creating the operating system.

Since all must have a Gmail account is the first method we will use to sync notes from one device to another.

 Synchronize notes via Gmail from a Mac computer or iPad to Android

Mainly must make sure that versions of Apple devices that are using not been declared obsolete or discontinued . Only managing Google account set up within the team, managed to perform the steps outlined below:

  • Start by accessing the section on “Tools” or “Settings” in the computer, and click on the option “Add Account” found in the list.
  • Among the names of different brands, you will find that of Google, entering there to begin entering information “Login” requesting the system.
  • When you achieve this, you have the option to synchronize functions with this account, so you must ensure allow the application “Notes”.
  • In the end, every note that is added from the device where you made the settings automatically appear in a section of the mail application under the name “Notes”.

It is important to remember that these sheets will only be enabled message reading, but still allows you to get the most out of it.

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Second method: Use Outlook to synchronize the notes you compose on your Mac, iPad or iPhone

A the same as Google, Microsoft is also a place well known and passed by Internet users today, so You can also have an account Outlook , which it is a platform post them have created.

This point can be made via the connection between a device href=””>

 Use Outlook to synchronize the notes you compose on your Mac iPad or iPhone

Therefore, in order to synchronize your notes, you should start connecting the mobile with the computer using USB , then open the music program.

Within the “Summary Panel” found on the left side of the window, click on the name “Information” to display options.

Among the variability of content, find the option “ Sync notes … ” accompanied by a drop-down menu that provides a number of applications, among which you should choose for “Outlook”.

To save changes, press on the button “Sync” and wait for the process expires. Now, from your Android phone you can access the application post Microsoft and find the synchronized notes through space “Reminders”.

While there remain different methods waiting for you, the two mentioned above are the ones that have the greatest ability to synchronize notes that composing in teams Mac, iPad or iPhone.

In short, find ways to relate two truly rewarding it as different operating systems, which can also serve for other aspects.

So changing devices is not a risky move, since even handling different OS, you managed to find a connection between the two.

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