What Are The Best Password Managers Safer For Macos?

In today’s article, we will see Who are the best password managers safer for MacOS . What would we do without passwords on the internet? They are extremely important and that is why we must have a manager for these.

As we sailed on internet we recording in different services. It is common to have different usernames and passwords manually manage Can you imagine 10, 20, 50? Possibly chaos. Luckily, there are password managers for Windows and MAC , looking make life easier and have all fully secure keys.

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Best Password Managers for MacOS

Sticky Password

A complete application that lets you manage all private data of any kind. It has AutoComplete password management and users and even a virtual wallet to store all your payment data.

Sticky Password has two versions: Free and paid . obviously the payment has a greater number of features. Also, the free version has a variety of tools that surely will be very useful.


Dashlane not only you can manage your passwords securely. You can also use it as a virtual wallet What does it mean? You can manage your account data to pay on any website. In this way you will have all your data private insurance .

It has a free version and a paid. Free is limited to 50 accounts , where you can save all login data securely. It also has different features: data synchronization, sharing passwords, security alerts, tips to improve it, AutoComplete, etc.



The only bad thing about this application is that you do not have a free version. However, it is quite powerful in every sense and plans are very affordable compared with other apps in the list.

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You can access a trial version that lasts two weeks. During this time you have the chance to try all the benefits of the application without any kind of limit and decide whether Keeper is for you.

On the other hand, also you can expand your mobile security, using some of the best password managers for Android.

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Insurance Managers passwords for MacOS


EnPass is an interesting program for manage accounts and passwords with very good features. Similar to the other applications in the list it has a free version that is limited to 20 accounts. In case you want to purchase the premium version, you will not have any kind of limitation.


One of the most popular applications for managing keys. It has a version of 30-day so you can squeeze every feature of 1Password . It has different plans and prices. Luckily, quite accessible economically.


A complete application to manage your passwords and personal data. It allows us to identify accounts that have duplicate keys, also those with a weak and suggests how to improve the safety thereof. Passwords can be changed individually or in bulk.

It has all the features mentioned in previous applications. Do not have a free version but a test. But the Keeper as the price is quite accessible for all that offers LastPass .


The application of Apple is a completely free option for those with MacOS . Has different options like password manager to use in various services such as websites or FTP servers to give you a slight idea.

All passwords are protected by a Master Password which may be the same you use to log into your MacOS or other different. It is already integrated into the operating system, so no need to download anything.

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In turn, you can protect your Mac computer, it is best to use an antivirus such as Avast. In any case, if this your choice, remember that it is important to Avast antivirus update to the latest version . Using a good antivirus and password manager extended the security of your computer.

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