How To Download Mac Apps For The Iphone Or Apple App Store Account Without Itunes?

 Download applications for iPhone and Mac

It is necessary to learn to download applications for iPhone or Mac from Apple App Store without using iTunes account.

However, to update them, if recommended update applications iPhone with iTunes from PC.

For many users who use Apple devices, know that you need to use an account (iTunes, Apple ID, etc.) to use the services.

But there are other users who have a little less of knowledge that often use these devices with iTunes account.

But to use Apple devices not necessarily need to use iTunes account , as you can also use the Apple account ID, for example.

Precisely through this paragraph will be teaching you to download applications for the iPhone or Mac App Store easily.

Download applications

Download apps for iPhone or Mac App Store is easy. Since you can use the same login to the iTunes Store or Apple ID of the iPhone and iPad App Store. This will have access quickly to the best free applications or programs to download on MacOS.

The applications of the Mac App Store not only are signed by the developers who create them, but go through the review process Apple applications. For this reason it is really safe.

In addition, the Mac App Store makes it easy to update and even downloading applications at any time, in all Macs connected to your account.

If you acquire once a new Mac, all you have to do is log on to the Mac App Store and download it again.

 Use Mac App Store


For downloading applications on your Mac via the App Store, you open the application from the App Store from the Dock, Launch Pad or enable Mac OS Spotlight feature in Windows 10 and using the Spotlight search.

Find an app you want to download. Can see the outstanding applications and different categories of applications by clicking one of the tabs on the left of the window of the Mac App Store.

Click “ Get ” or the “price” to download. “ Get ” it is for free apps and “ Price ” is for payment applications.

If you click “ Get “, the button will turn green and say Install. If you click the “ Price “, the button will turn green and say Buy app.

Now enter the Apple ID if you have not yet logged on, and you must put your password.

This way so simple can make downloading apps for your Mac App Store, if you do not have iTunes account.

Download applications for the iPhone

All users who own an iPhone, have the necessary knowledge to learn how to download applications, because the process is really easy.

But there are users who do not have the necessary knowledge, probably because may be the first time they use an iPhone.

If this is your situation, I tell you that download applications for iPhone or Mac App Store is extremely easy.

 Download iPhone applications

What you have to do is start the application of “App Store” found in the application drawer of your device.

You’ll see it on the main screen several applications and games appear, you can press any of them and in the next window press on “ Download “.

If you want to search a specific application, you can use the search bar, select Search and enter the name of the application or game.

When you find it, you just have to select it and press on “ Download “. You must wait for downloading and installing automatically.

If you have not yet logged in, you put the data from your Apple ID and ready. In this easy and simple can download applications for your iPhone by App Store.

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