How To Increase Or Expand The Internal Memory Of My Phone Iphone Or Ipad? -Very Easy

Learn how to increase or expand the internal memory of your iPhone or your iPad, can help solve storage problems. It is important to fix it, because if not, will be affected application updates such as iPhone to update WhatsApp its latest version.

Previously went out to the market devices with 8 GB of internal memory and over the years we have seen increased their storage capacity.

Today we can buy phones with up to 128 GB of storage, which at first glance may seem enough space.

But as increase storage capacity, photo files, videos, etc. Also occupy greater capacity than before, due to the improvement of images.

Internal Memory

When we talk about increasing or expand the memory Internal of your iPhone or iPad, I refer to form of storing information using other devices. Something like move files from internal memory or SD card phone in Android.

Since you expand the memory of our devices internally, can not be performed. To do this, you must use external methods that can meet the storage function. This way, you’ll learn over time how to move photos and videos from internal memory to SD card, for example.

So you leave then some ways to have more space in your iPhone or iPad


Expanding the memory of the iPhone or iPad

One of the methods most used by users to increase or expand the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad is through a wireless connection.

 Extend iPhone memory

The wireless memory can connect to your iPhone or iPad via WiFi network and practically can extend the memory of the iPhone to the memory of the WiFi device.

wired solutions come with 2 different technologies. You can expand the memory with flash memory that can be connected directly to the USB Lightning iPhone or iPad. The second option is the extended battery with additional memory for the iPhone.

The cloud

The cloud-based solutions work best to back up your contacts, photos and videos from your iOS device.

Apple iCloud offers storage up to 5GB free for all users iDevice, I suited to back up your contacts and settings on your iPhone.

If you want to save your media files and other large files, you may need to purchase storage iCloud additional or use other solutions based on the cloud as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box , etc.

External Hard Drive iPhone

External hard drives are another possible solution to expand the memory of the device. These hard drives come with USB ports or connection via built-in WiFi to connect to the phone.

disks can act as additional memory connected to the WiFi network and can be used to back up the files of the iPhone multimedia.

These hard drives built based WiFi can connect directly to your iPhone without any additional WiFi router.

Use omars usb

Wireless USB Memory

Wireless USB flash drives come with Built-in WiFi and an internal battery that lets you connect to other WiFi devices and transfer files.

This new technology basically allows you to connect more than one device to the memory via the WiFi network to transfer data.

Memorias USB connector

The port memories are fast as a USB, unit works with iPhone and iPads with quick connect in iOS 7.1 and higher.

These devices can transfer data much faster than wireless and need no extra battery to run.

You can automatically sync photos and videos stored on the device is connected and also watch videos directly from the drive.


You can not permanently connecting device on your device , since the port of the device needs to connect the power charger to recharge mobile.

Memory Expansion of the iPhone with the battery

This wonderful technology is a three in one solution with an external battery, extended memory and a protective cover for your iPhone.

Additional memory offered by this device is as a battery incorporated in the memory. You can choose your device based on your use and purpose.

So, if you’re the one who travels a lot with your device, the best solution will be the model Battery Backup. On the other hand, if you stay at home most of the time, solutions cloud-based are your best bet.

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