How To Permanently Delete An Apple Id Account Is Not Mine? -Step By Step

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In short, Apple is now becoming the leading company in providing telecommunication services, entertainment and shopping. And they are varied services and applications offered by Apple ID . But in the next tutorial we will explain what you should do when you want. permanently remove an Apple ID account that is not mine, step by step

With this account ID, users can enjoy a number of services among which is the power to use the cloud as storage or listen to your favorite music. But sometimes, there are users who decide for strange reasons not question to cancel or permanently delete an ID Apple account.

How Delete definitely an account Apple ID that’s not mine? -Step by Step

Many articles have commented on the varied and attractive services offered to its customers Apple. And among them we can name the new and Apple Pay will be very good to learn it is, what it does and how it works this interesting application.

How to permanently delete an Apple ID account that is not mine

The following tutorial you will give the necessary information so you can permanently delete an Apple ID that is not mine . Both mobile devices and Mac computers and then tell you to do. If you own a PC, you must perform the following procedure.

 delete account

We’ll direct the browser you use and you will enter the following web address . And the page you enter the Apple ID your account, then you must enter the password. The next step is to answer the security questions offered by the system continues.

Now you must scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the section delete your account and more under the Start option, you must click here. Back down until you find the option Choose a reason, you should select one that offered you. The next step is to check the box where you indicate I have read and accept these conditions.

Now you must enter the address of electronic mail in which you receive notifications, you will now see a security code which copy. Then you will show another screen where you enter the copied code. And to finish in the next window you click the Delete account and beans and finished the procedure.

How to permanently delete an Apple ID account that is not mine on iPhone devices

So you can to permanently delete an Apple ID that is not mine , you must do the following. First go to the browser on your mobile device. In the address bar you’re typing the following Web address. . Now you must enter your Apple ID that you sign. Now you must click on the icon that has an arrow, now in the following field you enter the password.

At the finish entering the data, press on the back arrow icon, now you two security questions, which must appear the answer. Or you may send a code to you, performing the operation be asked. After I performed this operation going to click on the Continue option.

This will take you to a new window and pancake transports you down until you find the Delete account and press on the Start option. It will show you all information concerning the deletion of your account. But you must go down to find a reason Choose option and select from which it offers, then press Enter.

 Remove account

Accept the terms and conditions by checking the box I have read and accept these conditions and then continue typing. Place your email so you receive notification, Now copy the code on the next screen and paste it into the appropriate field. To finish the process you press on the Remove account option.

We must be clear about the concept that we are not removing the account of another person really. What we are doing is to remove that account permanently from our mobile, to use it with ours. This is very useful if a family gives you your old mobile phone, for example.

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