Finding And Find My Iphone Or Ipad If It Has Been Lost Or Stolen Me

 search and find my iphone or ipad

Misplacing a mobile device is a common problem in everyday life, which should not worry if a member Apple, because this operating system you will find on your iPhone or iPad if you have been a victim of this situation.

Although many people do not enable this function, the location using GPS of the mobile phone which will allow you to locate and recover your computer in such cases.

Also, through this method can also protect information that is stored in the cloud and in the internal memory of the computer. The only thing you must ensure is that the “Find my device” is enabled on the iPhone or iPad that lost you.

Function “Find My device” activated

The operating system Apple has an option called “Search” that allows you locate the lost device and offer a series of measures to protect the information it contains while manage to recover it.

Because you probably do not own a means to use it, you can enter through another iOS device or log in to iCloud to use the option” Search “.

 Find my device

Once started, you just have select the iPhone or iPad that has lost for the map app will show your location. In the event that this device is near where you are, this program also lets you play a sound or vibration to search and find your lost iPhone or iPad.

If unfortunately is at a considerable distance from where you are, you can select from the following options:

Mark the Apple device as lost

This feature allows the iPhone or iPad to crash even when not manipulating, and in turn display a custom message that will show the content you want, including your address or location number.

Also, be responsible for sending you a code to the medium of your choice to achieve unlock the device once you have recovered.

Another feature of this option is track the location of mobile and block the use assigned payments Apple Pay.

AppleCare ++ for theft and loss

If you have decided to recruit some of your devices to this insurance provided by Apple, You can use this option to register a complaint .

The operator is responsible for disable your account Apple ID to prevent the development of calls, messages or using any data that has been stored there.

“find my device” off

It is possible you have not enabled this feature before the theft or loss of any of your Apple devices, so can not use this method to locate .

In this case, possess different solutions to try protect data that are stored in the account or within the team.

 Mark the Apple device as lost

Change the password for your Apple ID

This small solution will prevent the person who gets to find your device use the information found within the same .

Note that can block the use of the services offered by the operating system, which are directly related to the status of your Account Apple .

Another recommendation is also changing passwords for other online accounts, including email and social networks, so also avoid invasion of your privacy.

Report lost or stolen

Police in your area can be helpful in such situations, especially when it is not within your reach locate your device.

Normally, a requirement to file a complaint is provide the serial number which is registered with the iPhone or iPad you’ve lost.

Remove the device from your list of trusted

Considered as a last option if you achieve not seek and find your iPhone or iPad that has been lost or stolen. This will make your account delete all data related to the device and miss the opportunity to place it in future.

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