How To Upgrade My Old Ipad To The Latest Version – Easy And Fast

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Apple devices by many users are highly appreciated because it is a brand of phones and tablets very select . The performance of these devices are completely safe models. In addition, they are constant updates from Apple, the iPhone and iPads still at the forefront.

Despite With this, the launch of new models year after year several of our instruments are a little overwhelmed, in fact, there comes a point where new updates throwing Apple no longer compatible with iPhone and Ipad old.

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Upgrading my old iPad Latest version – fast and easy

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This is something quite negative, like not update software from our Ipad, can not download new applications or updates to come, because those – will always point to the latest update of the operating system.

Apple recently released a new software update. The good news is that iOS 13 is compatible with many devices a little older. Therefore, in this article we will show you how to update your old iPad to the latest version quickly and easily.

How to update my iPad to the latest version

There are two easy ways and quick to do. The first is from your PC via iTunes . To do need the latest version of the program and connect your device.

With the connected device, open iTunes and search for the device you want to update in the upper right corner. The following summary will click and click Check for updates . Finally need to click download and update . Is it a short process that can take several minutes.

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On the other hand can also do it from your iPad directly. It is recommended that you connected to a wireless network , because the process consumes a lot of internet.

What you need to do is to go to the settings icon and see the General option we note represented by a number 1. If we click in general, we see that the same 1 appears to us in update software the . We’ll have to click on this option and see which version of Apple.

We click Install and wait. It is advisable to have the battery more than 50% because the process may take some time.

Recommendations before installing the new


It is important to present some aspects before installing the new software in an old iPad minimize complications later. Among the most important recommendations are:

Check the age of the unit and do not update if very old

As mentioned previously, the updates Apple releases for your operating system regularly sends us a little attention so we can update it. However, if your iPad is a very old model, it is preferable that not update.

 Apple iOS setup

In general, the models are adaptable, so you almost always can be updated, but if the first models of the iPad brought Apple is recommended that the software because can not update it is possible that the rather weak performance tablet.  



Back up your data by making a backup before installing the iOS version of 13, so if you lose the information upgrade to the new operating system, you can get it again.

iCloud Backup

To back up your iPad with the iCloud application must connect to a wireless network and then open your device settings to select your name and iCloud.

You must select the iCloud backup, and you Make sure – that it is enabled in the iCloud backup. The following now choose to save and then verify that the backup has completed successfully.

Backup Using a PC

The first thing to do is open iTunes and make sure it is updated to the latest version. Connect your device to your computer and enter the password if it asks.

Then select st iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then click to save now. You can check if the backup was performed successfully selecting iTunes Preferences Edition, device Preferences.

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