How To Enable Two-Step Verification In My Microsoft Account?

 enable two-step verification to my account microsoft

Prioritize security and privacy your account is a requirement today, and Microsoft understands that. That is why option enabled two-step verification for each user who registers on your system.

As mentioned, the goal of this method is to ensure the protection of services and tools that are acquired by the program office.

It is generally defined as a extra layer of security , which can be added whenever you want to enter the Microsoft account usually use.

Also, the term “two-step” refers to the requirement to enter the password and other parameters will be defined in the account settings.

How do you enable two-step verification on your Microsoft account?

 enable two-step verification on your Microsoft

Currently, mobile devices have the same demand for use computers, so this platform has enabled activate this service through any of these means.

Activation method via a computer

All start entering the official website of Microsoft and going directly to the section of the home session.

There we will find two bars that will write the user data and password has determined to register in the system, in order to enter.

Once the content of the profile loaded in the left pane will notice an option named “General Information”, which must click to access the “Safety information” that is there.

Among the security settings, find the option “two-step verification” is located on the right side of the screen.

From this point can start writing the data on your preference for set verification . At the end, click “Next” and start enjoying this benefit.

Activation method through a mobile device

Although to enable the computer method is used, the system Microsoft has included a program to use that two-step verification.

This app will depend on the brand of the device being used, as it is known as Google Authenticator for those who work with iOs and Android.

On the other hand, if a Windows Phone is used the program to achieve run this security layer called Microsoft Authenticator .

Both applications aim to generate a code every thirty seconds, which will be validated from the device to enter the Microsoft account.

The first step is to synchronize the program account , which can be achieved by setting safety information.

Once installed, open the application within the device, go to the “General Information” in your profile Microsoft to scan the QR code that appear on the screen.

Automatically charge a six-digit code that must be written to the device and thus achieve the program match the account.

Advantages to enable two-step verification to your account Microsoft

If for any reason a varied number of people have access to your computer or mobile device, enable this security layer will prevent someone outside you have access to the content of your account .

 Advantages to enable two-step verification

Also, you can control the access that is done on them, as it also is responsible for sending a notification to the paired phone, the case of trying to enter from an unknown source. Moreover, it is a very useful tool in cases where your device is lost or stolen lost.

Through this two-step verification can remain calm, because the only access to the second confirmation step will be approved only by you.

In summary accounts, the list of benefits is extensive, we must remember that the possibility of acquiring this incredible protection is the scope of your hand.

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