How To Fix The Error No Opengl Context To Playing Minecraft On Windows

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There is no doubt that Minecraft is a very well known and used worldwide play. Indeed, it is not just a game for children, but allows anyone who wants to create things great and difficult a world infinite cubic . In fact, many people have even turned this game into an essential part of their professional lives.

But there are some bugs and errors that can ruin our Minecraft gaming experience. That’s why we show here How to fix the error No OpenGL context to play Minecraft on Windows easily and quickly.

Error correction No OpenGL context to play Minecraft on Windows

How to fix the error No OpenGL context to play Minecraft?

Many are agreed that it is very easy to download and install Minecraft PC . In fact, unlike others, it is very common in this famous game numerous errors that can affect these performances are presented. That’s why we are interested in a great way how to solve the annoying bug No OpenGL context as soon as possible.

This problem can greatly affect our gaming experience. No OpenGL context error usually occurs when someone decides to install Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1 update, rather than install start from nothing. Furthermore, only happens with the version of Java called Jave 8 Upgrade 60.

In addition, specifically introduced in some versions of Windows, because it has some incompatibility problems with 60 Jave 8 upgrade version of Java. Unlike Windows 7 and 8, which does not have this annoying error when playing Minecraft. However, this error occurs for users who have decided to install Minecraft for Android or iOS .

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The error appears when OpenGL context pop-up trying to load the game, and can even prevent us Connection to start playing at Minecraft its latest version. Although this error can be very annoying when playing, has a very simple solution.

What steps can be taken to correct the error No OpenGL context in Minecraft?

The error that annoying solution is very simple to perform. In short, all you have to do is eliminate Jave 8 upgrade Java 60 through which the famous game is installed.

It is that simple. What you need to do, after the removal of this version of Java, download the one that precedes, the version 8 upgrade -to- Jave say 51. This way, you can Minecraft play without fear this error arises on your screen and prevents you connect to play.

Of course, for this to work properly, you must do certain things in order. The first thing you have to do after you uninstall the previous version of Java, is to restart your computer.

In this way, before the download version you have removed all the run much better . Similarly, once installed the new version of Java, restart your computer before opening it again to start using it regularly as you do.

Something to keep in mind when performing this process is that all computers work the same way, it might not quite the same result. All these issues are subject to change depending on the computer you intend, which can affect the game .

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So, if you have doubts about your computer and its operation, we strongly recommend that you visit the official website Microsoft Support . On this page you will find the help you need and when it is useful.

We encourage you to continue to learn more about this issue and hope that nothing prevents you to enjoy excellent game time Minecraft.

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