Adding A Voice Assistant To My Car Easily

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  these days, modern cars often have a advances in voice guidance , which are Android or Apple Auto carplay whose use is actually beneficial; it helps you to perform various functions found on your mobile phone, but now find   cars that do not have this technology;   If yours is one of them do not worry, in this post you will learn how to add a voice assistant in your car, simply.

This allows you Voice Control Access Settings from your phone without having recourse to assistants keyboard voice in the car just to make life more easy, give you peace and safety while driving, since you can have support while you’re on the road.

Wizards voice

 son drivers with voice assistant

  voice assistant or supposedly connected speaker are distributed by Google Amazon, Apple and others . They are for people to research by the instruction that provided the system with an appeal; so you can ask your car how to get somewhere, ask you to remember your schedule, or play a song.

Also with the voice assistant in your vehicle, can receive and send messages by WhatsApp or text , enable browsing, reading text messages, you can even view your calendar personnel; The voices of assistants that can eliminate noise and so you will benefit because you can hear more clearly, say Bluetooth &NBSP access ;. and USB inputs which shatter quickly mobile

How to place a voice assistant in your vehicle

The voice assistant, you can put your car if you want to immediately and easily. In addition, all cars can take advantage of this system . This is why more people use the system every day.

We present here some of them can be handy and can easily install in your car; and allow you to your vehicle is immediately smart.

The voice assistant Roav Anker Bolt You can install up an old car, is made with Google; you must connect the phone to the lights and the lights – vehicle cigarette works google Wizard take care of the rest.

  Wizard Google and connect with your Bolt Enable Search by voice “Ok Google”; with this you can read messages, check the calendar, reminder, among others.

 driver using voice commands to guide

On the other hand, you Amazon Echo Auto , this mechanism has over eight inside the microphone, that is wonderful   harmonizes with Apple Maps and Google Maps; You can easily install, place it on top of the dashboard of your car   and connect to an energy supplier, by a cable.

But also accounts   is a voice assistant JBL Link Driv; plug-in has a Google microphone wizard on your vehicle. For the lighter you can install by connecting the player to link the radio and turn routines add to the wizard will be very easy.

If you can not make a wireless, you can do it via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable. With this system, you can also turn off the radio when an incoming call.

Now that you know how easy it is to add a voice assistant for your car, be sure to   install and therefore can experience how it is . In addition, it will be easier and safer life while driving your car. We hope you such valuable information. Share this message with your friends, family and even leave us your comments.

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