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Having a dog is a big responsibility. Some compare it to having a small child and it is no wonder, as the owner of the dog must be aware of buy their food, bathing, deworming and walk it.

The best friend of the man requires care that maybe, by themes of time, not all owners can give. However, there is that feeling of the whole bad about that, since you’re not a bad owner for not having the time you’d want.

To make things easier for the owners of the dogs they have left countless applications that get paseadores professionals, so that you can leave your dog to care for a person who will handle I walk it and when you get home, you can see your pet happy.

These applications are becoming extremely popular because they mean a help for dog owners out of time and, in turn, financial assistance for walkers.

Among the applications most prominent and popular we find DoogyGo . Definitely the best alternative for a walker for your dog, however, in the following article mention some apps to find dog walkers.


Application DoggyGo available for all Android devices. It is completely free and is very light. After download it will have to allow the application to access GPS to recognize your location.

Dog walking

href=”https://tdftips.com/tipos-uber/”> and Glover application, but dog walkers, shows you where the users who are closer to you.

DoggyGo offers you the possibility to register as a pet owner or pet sitter. If you own pet will get all the paseadores available that are closer to you.

Register as a walker

On the other hand, if you’re a walker, you will see all owners of pet registered you can request your service. Caregivers have a profile where your data will appear , including profile picture, name, phone number and a description of it.

We also have the possibility to select a search range that will show all available users according to established parameters. Every pet owner sets the price to be paid for the care of your pet. If the walker is interested will have to give the contact option.

Finally, the contact an owner a chat where they can agree to do the ride the dog will open. Once completed, the owner can rate the ride and also add to your record as a dog walker.

Register as a pet owner

To create a user as the pet owner will also have a profile that can edit adding a photo , a contact number and a description.

As you create a service owner for adjacent walkers can offer to care for your pet. For this you must select the option to order ride and fill in the necessary data (address, length of ride and hourly).


Another alternative to DoggyGo very good which is available for Android and iOS. It connects owners and walkers and becomes the best companion for when the owners have to make long trips.

can get your house completely clean your pet happy. You can observe the profile of the walker and stay with the most convince you. In addition, you can also apply for short trips of a few hours, for example.

 Human walking several dogs


This application is very similar to the previous two. can find people who are willing to walk your dog, feed it and even take care of him at home for a few days if you have to make a long trip.

This application provides profiles both owners and very complete caregivers , where you can appreciate the profile picture, location and a section of opinions and ratings by other users.

Dog Walk

This app is free and is used to control the rides you have with your dog. Here you will monitor the amount of walking with your dog , distance, routes taken and can even mark the places where your dog do his business.

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