What Are The Best Applications Android And Ios To Change The Voice On A Call?

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Then we’ll tell what are the best applications for Android and iOS are to change the voice in a call . Have fun experimenting with the different options you offer these apps and juégale jokes to your friends. Many of these applications can be found at Play Store or App Store.

With them, you do not need to wait to arrive the day of the innocent is always a good time to fun with your friends and family.

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Best Android application to change the voice in a call

Fun Calls

With this app you can change the sound of your voice during a call and allows you remove the ID of your call , so you can make a voice call completely anonymous. It is ideal for making jokes to your friends.

The downside of this app is that it has a few minutes you can use for free, then you subscribe to a paid version if you want to continue using it.

Call Voice Changer Allogag

It’s a paid app Available for Android and iOS . It allows you to change your voice by modifying the bass and treble, so you get a much more realistic result. You can go changing the tone of your voice whenever you want, even do during a call.

It also has some preset effects that you can use the voice of some famous people.

Voice Changer

It is available for Android devices and iOS . With it you can add sound effect audio tracks do you have stored or during a call. It is an excellent tool you can use to make your friends believe you would find in a laugh mountain, under a heavy rain or whatever comes to mind.

applications like Skype can use this voice modifiers while on a video call.

Fake Caller: He jokes changing your voice

With it you can make calls with false voices and anonymously. It is a payment app which you can add different tones of voice during a call or record tracks . later to share it through social networking sites

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Best apps for iOS to change the voice in a call

Call Voice Changer

You can change the sound of your voice or add effects in real time while you are making a call, so it is ideal to play a prank on your friends. It is a paid app, but you can try it first completely free before subscribing.

Funny Call/Minion Prank Call

You can get the app from the Apple store with any of these names. It is one of the most known and used by users of iOS. It is a payment app. You can modify your voice using a equalizer to adjust the bass and treble or use any of the effects it brings, even do it during a call.

Talking Tom and Friends

With this app you can change your voice during calls. With it you can add the sound of different animals and voices of famous people . Is available for Android and iOS devices.


With Robovox can use the voice of different robots during a call. Has more than 30 (thirty) options to choose from and it can make changes in the tone of your voice during a call in real time or make recordings and then share with your friends.

Best Voice Changer: Making calls in incognito

You can make calls with a different voice to yours and add different sound effects even with it, you can hide the ID of a call projection from your device if you want. In addition, you can make recordings and then share them in different social networks.

Modifier voice distorts your original voice

change the sound of your voice during an ongoing call activating sensors undetected, or even burn to edit later. add can effects such as the voice of a robot, an old man, alien, or ambient noises such as a fan, rain, wind or whatever you can think of.

On the Internet you can also find voice modifiers that allow you to imitate the voice of Anonymous and Loquendo.

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