What Is The Best Program To Solve Physics Free Spanish?

Since the internet has became a great support for all students and some traders , occupying only see older or attend distant encyclopedias libraries to carry out their school tasks .

HAVING pages talk about the history, geography and natural sciences, the development of the concept of cards professional presentations   or any other activity that has become a much simpler task. However, there was a problem. Physics and mathematics

What is the best program to solve physics Free in Spanish?

Both materials, practices with nature, did not enjoy the same fate, because, although they have websites explaining some theories of concepts and laws there was no way to verify the results.

In fact, solve guides mathematics or physics very hard work, he turned around, and there was no way to perform exercises with any application. However, those days are long gone as they have been many programs created to solve all kinds of problems in physics and mathematics.

You have more worries about solving these complex directives physical exercises in the following article to tell you what the best programs to solve these problems, simple and totally free.

Applications to solve physics problems

To make things easier for many mobile applications students so they can always have their hands on their smartphones. These applications include common themes that are in high school and offers the opportunity to troubleshooting if you do not know how to correct.


This application was designed to solve the problems of the physics Android. It covers many subjects, straight uniform motion, uniformly accelerated motion, free fall through vertical launch.

Using this application is very simple. Fill out the fields with the data you know and the unknown white holidays and go. You calculate the resutado and within seconds the answer.

 application resolution physics problems

In addition, the demand Fisicalc offers many exercises that you can practice, so prepare in the best way for evaluations. Similarly, you watch each stage to solve the financial year so you can know where you made the error, in case of error.

The app is available in Google Play Store and is free it becomes an excellent alternative for students because they do not have anything to pay for solving physics problems . The only drawback is that it is somewhat limited in terms of issues.


This application will find quick solutions to the problems of physics with artificial intelligence that matters. Best of all is that it is capable of solve exercises through photos .

It is a free application, but has a paid version that step by step solutions of all exercises and themes that account.

 mobile scanner with

It has a manual with the main laws, values, tables, constants and formulas. Best of all is that it is in different languages ​​like English, Spanish, including Russian, Ukrainian, is a great option in many countries.

Online programs to solve physics programs

If you do not rely on a smartphone, or just prefer to work from your computer, there are very good options to solve all sorts of physical exercises Most recommended programs are :.


This software has not only physical, but mathematics, geometry and statistics complete list of exercises. Some applets you get are Brownian motion, dynamics and power.

It also Book aplets interactive teaching physics through simulations. Among the various issues that need can find the vector calculus, kinematics, thermodynamics, electricity, fluid dynamics and systems

Wolfram Alpha

One resolution programs of physical problems. It is very comprehensive and covers topics of physics and mathematics. Just enter the formula or equation and solve exercise program in seconds.

Perhaps the only drawback is that it is in English and formulas must be introduced by the criteria of Wolfram Alpha, but certainly worth a try.

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