How To Improve The Quality Of My Video Calls And Which Applications Use?

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The communications through mobile devices has become part of our daily lives. In fact, these days, video calls or conferences have become a constant.

However, while more users are connected, connection and quality may decrease , giving as a result pixelated images or audio bit understandable


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But not everything depends on broadband, also depends on the quality platform use as this may require lower or higher quality as its format.

How can you improve the quality of video calls?

All depends on your Wi-Fi , because if this is not good, the quality nor will. If you get your connection is stable and download about 32 64 megs bit per minute , your video call maintain excellent connectivity with others on the network.

Now you can also connect with your data cell , if you have a stable signal either, 3G, 4G and H + you ensure that your conference is safe and excellent connectivity.

In addition, should take note that your computer mobile or tablet is able to support these applications and are compatible to run optimally


you must ensure that the RAM is powerful enough as for your computer, mobile or tablet not put slow because will affect the time to convey your image on the webcam and see other participants, as well as affect your audio transmission.

The latest devices have all the components to give you a picture and audio quality, however, models lower-middle range, may remain somewhat short.

What are the best applications for video calling?

This depends 100% of the use you want to give, because, if you wish, for example, make a conference with your colleagues , an app that allows you to connect up to 100 people or more would be ideal.

If you only want do some streaming platforms or social networks that are currently known in the world. Following are applications very good according to use:


Excellent app for video conferences with up to 50 people or plus. This app gives you security and control of many tools to share slides and images.

Very good for companies or do classes online effectively. It also allows the conference to record and then resort to it if you want to remember something. All participants can interact freely if the host allows it.

Participants have options such as: activate your microphone, camera, raising his hand digitally, chat available for questions and interventions, and can also share your image to present a slide or document



This application is mostly for Apple users , this allows you to make calls or video calls with up to 32 people at the same time. It does not have many tools. It is ideal to make calls with friends or family.


A the like Facetime can be a bit casual. can make video calls to up to 8 people , in fact just expand the number of participants 4 to 8, due to quarantine in which we live.

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Netflix Party

Party Netflix allows you to share a movie live with friends you want.

It played at the same time for all participants as they can interact together as if they were all together.


You can interact to 25 people in the video call . You just have sync your camera and your phone number with this app and you’re in for your video calls.

Instagram live

This application we all know and use to share who we are or our work allows us to Make Live where you can share with your fans through live video and they can interact with you through messages and emoji.

You can also invite fans to join a open video call with you while other users interact. This tool is available to other apps like Facebook and TiKToK.

You must take into account the above, the speed of your broadband that will help you get good quality for your video call.

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