How To Block Or Remove Ads On Android And Ios? -Best Apps

For the study, work or entertainment, the Smartphone is positioned as preferred tool of a large portion of the world population, thanks to through your mobile and shop corresponding application, you access to a great range of applications .

However, the ease with which many games or culture applications can be used, work or education, may be disturbed by the constant bombardment advertising.

Smartphone and advertising

Most of the apps featured in Android and iOS keep advertising content in its interface . The reason for this is based on that, having a free character, they need the finance various companies interested in shelling out considerable amounts of money to appear in the application.

 Smartphone and advertising

Some examples that could be given are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Duolingo, not to mention the games, books and photo and video editors, sports and many other categories that are available on both operating systems.

A particular situation

A case that has generated some controversy has been to WhatsApp . The most popular messaging application of the world, with 11 years in the market, plus a free app, never had advertising content in its interface . But with the purchase of Mark Zuckerberg in 2014, things could change.

In 2018, it was announced that WhatsApp could keep advertising content in the states of users. And although it has not yet been put into operation, will surely unleash controversy when it materializes.

No ads

The main way to block or remove ads on Android and iOS applications is paying for your Pro or Premium version. However, it is possible to have an ace up his sleeve and have alternatives for elimination or avoidance of advertising content . Want to know what?

Applications against ads

In Google Play or the App Store, find the necessary tools to meet this objective. However, many applications could not fulfill its mission to 100% due to restrictions imposed by the operating systems themselves for the same.

This is because both Android and iOS have sought ways to limit operation or effectiveness of these applications, since the platforms encourage the emergence of this content for economic growth of applications that develop in these systems operating.

 Apps with ads

So, while it may not be possible to eliminate advertising all your applications, could achieve remove the advertisements that appear on your mobile device when visiting websites with your browser favorite.

The favorite of many: Adblock

With a simple interface, this href=”” application available for Android and iOS runs in the background . You simply download it and run it once, that’s it! The application does the rest by itself.

Purify Block Ads

IOS operating system, this is a Grand application. Not only hidden advertising and improves performance Safari, but is capable of metering the consumption of your mobile data up to 50%.

Crystal Adblock

Special for Android devices belonging to the Samsung Galaxy series. Say goodbye to those annoying pop-ups while browsing and potentially optimizes the performance of Google Chrome with this ingenious app


WIPR Blocker

Despite being a href=”” exclusive paid app for iOS, worth to mention. Its affordable price allows access to important functions like scanning and blocking Adware (intrusive advertising) on ​​websites.

Unicorn Blocker: Adblocker, Fast & amp; Private

This amazing application is also paid and is available in the Play Store. But it is noteworthy that, in addition to being highly qualified to block all types of advertising, reduces your consumption data up to 50% and your battery life by 21%.

Why keep an ad blocker?

ease of navigation on websites , reduce your data consumption, extend the life of your battery, and also do not worry by the appearance of grotesques ads advertising or adware on your device. Need more reasons? Download an ad blocker and improves the performance of your device!

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