How To Create My Own Songs With Songify And Autorap Step

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The music is considered a language that is universally transmitted , it might be interesting to create songs with applications available for devices that use every day.

A great advantage of operating systems such as Apple and Android is that they have a wide range of programs for these functions.

While some are free or charge is a fun way for those who want play karaoke or create songs professional effects .

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The two functions are available through applications that will be discussed today, which can be acquired for free in OS shops.

So if you want to know more about how to use a program to feel all an artist, through these applications box get entertainment for you and your family.

Songify an application designed to create pop songs badges

Developed by Smule but published by Khush Inc., a href = «» request < strong> expand their repertoire through recordings made by its users. It is a free program available for mobile devices that work with the operating system of Apple and Android.

At first Songify is accompanied by three free numbers with which you can start to experiment and create songs Edition mute the sound and effects that make it up.

 create flagship pop songs

If the application going to be used by your children, your flat – form has a parental control that allows you to configure the program to prevent children hear bad words or interact with communities offensive.

How to create songs with Songify?

The methodology is very simple, it will only be necessary press the disk-shaped in the main screen to start recording.

From this point on you what you need to do, then you have started the process of creating a new topic. To add an is necessary to record a spoken dialog , and the program will automatically change the style that’s based on the selected rate.

After the implementation designing a way to make you sound like you sing and make changes to your liking. Having the ability to save or share the song.

AutoRap a steeper application related to the Hip-Hop

If you feel more interest in rap songs, Smule has also formed to develop and publish this application.

Unlike before, it is available for devices that run Android and Apple. Within this can be downloaded for free.

Because they are created by the same programmer to create a methodology of songs is quite similar. For only need to press «Tap Rap» for boot record accompanying sound background later selections.

 AutoRap a steeper application related to the Hip-Hop

At the same Songify that, the song can also change once the conversion is complete. Although AutoRap automatically take care of your registration at your own pace which is coupled to the beat.

If you want to enjoy otherwise. There is the option to do karaoke songs that have already been published by artists .

In this way, and by parental control, you can spend some quality time with your family. Creating new content and sharing via social networks or save it to your device.


The ability to create songs that are all authors is already possible. Smule was dedicated to generate a pair of programs for those who wish to realize this dream.

These programs can demonstrate your creative skills to these skills, sharing within the community and other Internet programs. It also allows you to use create a moment of satisfaction for you or those around you .

Therefore, it is a great advantage finally have two very useful and interactive programs such as AutoRap and Songify.

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