How To Call From My Cell Phone With A Fake Number With Caller Id Faker Application

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Our mobile devices have become one of the most used on the day artifacts. With it we can perform multiple functions and is more than a phone, smartphones have become a palmtop. However, they have not lost their essence for what they were designed: Call and receive calls


You may often need to talk to someone and that not attend our calls because they do not want to talk to us. Similarly there is a chance you want to play a prank call your friends. The fact is that there is a application that can change your phone number, hide it or put it private in an easy and simple way.

Whether the case is with the application Caller ID Faker can change your phone number, so that when you make a call, the person who gets it will not see your number, but a different one.

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This can be very useful, but be clear that This application must be used responsibly, , in any case, call people known to not cause discomfort.

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How to call a fake number from Caller ID Faker

This application is very simple easy to use and very intuitive and can find it in the Play Store free.

Once we download and we install, we have to open it and see a menu where we can enter our number, the fake number you see our partner and a couple of options for settings change on the call.

Just give the application permission to use to open and select your number in the indicated box then in the box below to select the number you want to simulate and ready. You can now call whoever you want.

Advantages and disadvantages of Caller ID Faker

This application has many advantages that make it a very tempting option. The first and perhaps most fundamental, is that it is completely free and is available at the Google store.

Another great advantage is that it is a very lightweight application, so does not cover too much memory on your device and also consumes a lot of battery.

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Whether talking about the application itself has several useful functions in addition to changing your phone number. Caller ID Faker can distort your voice and change gender. This works great, if you do not want the other person to discover your identity.

In addition, the application has the great advantage of being able record calls . so if you want to make a prank call, this amount is recorded and then can share with your friends.

The application interface allows you to simulate a number anywhere in the world so you can change your number by another in a different country where your vícitima are. or yourself.

As for the disadvantages, one could say that the greatest obstacle to this application is that it allows us only two calls per day , greatly slowing the potential of the application.

Another disadvantage remarkable is that the application is handled with credits, and To make a call need a lot of credit , as each unit of credit you can call for a minute.

How to hide my phone number without applications

To set up your mobile phone and our telephone number is not reflected at the time of making a call will go to the Phone option and there give the three vertical dots, located in the upper right corner.

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Then several options are displayed and have to select Call settings. In the menu that will be displayed will have to find an option called Additional Services.

Finally will select the Show My Caller ID , which is basically the function that allows you to display your contact phone number to the called party.


In this section we choose the function called Hide number and voila, the next time you make a call, your information will appear as private. This includes your friends, family or people who have saved your number

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So if you only want to make one call undetected your number can apply this setting, Once a completed call, remove this feature .

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