Controlling The Activity Of My Children From My Cell | Kidsguard Pro


Today it is impossible to isolate your child from the technology. However, we can not deny that the Internet can be like a double-edged sword. Do not worry, in today’s post we’re going to count how to control the activity of my children with KidsGuard Pro.

How to control the activity of my children from my cell | KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is an application that allows you to remotely monitor other device at all times. It is available for Android and iPhone, allowing access to SMS, calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, photos, videos, contacts, etc. Best of KidsGuard Pro is that you can monitor without raising suspicion.

In addition, a 100% undetectable software on the device and reliable we are monitoring , since it requires no installation on it. You can locate the GPS device at all times.

You can access all files stored in iCloud or Google account on the target device. No need to root any device or worry about data loss.

It is very simple to use, even for novices. Is designed for parents who are usually overwhelmed by so many technological advances.

Before going to clarify two things:

We’ll call “ target device” to the device you want to monitor, is the device our son. Consider “target device ” to our device, ie from the mobile that will perform monitoring.

You can also protect your children what they see on their phones without applications and that you can do it by activating the parental control Android and iOS .

 phone monitoring application

How to Install KidsGuard Pro on the target device and the target

To begin, you must have access to the target device. In it we will enter the official site to download an APK. Must press the button “ Download” or “Download”.

Once the download is complete, you must install it. To do this, you must allow the installation of “ unknown origins”. If accounts with an iPhone should go to the “ Settings & gt; General & gt; Restrictions & gt; Yes. You will be asked to enter a four-digit password. Believe it and use it whenever you need to install an APK.

If instead, the device has an Android operating system, go to the “ Settings & gt; Applications & gt; Permissions & gt; Allow installation from unknown sources. ” Once you’ve installed will ask many permissions, you must grant them all, because what we want is to have access to all apps available on the target device.

Do not worry about anything, KidsGuard Pro is secure. It is important to grant all permissions the first time. Well, after you’ve done, the app is ” camouflaged” and will no longer appear on the target device.

We say camouflaging, since the app will be saved in the application drawer and the list of applications within the settings appear under the name of “System Update Service” which will prevent your child or daughter turn it off by mistake. This way, your child will not know that you’re watching.

 vgilar phone children

Using KidsGuard Pro on the target device and the target

You’ll be able to access all information on the device as long as both have internet access , whether they are connected to a WiFi network or have on mobile data.

You can access information of the target device from your mobile device or from your computer. To do it from your computer should go to the Control Panel.

If instead you do it from your mobile device must access the page of the app and loguearnos with our own. to have access to the files of the target device, we only have to press on sync.

As mentioned earlier, you can access the calls made and received, text messages, conversations WhatsApp, activity on social networks, access to the gallery and most importantly, know where find, thanks to the GPS system in real time.

You can access plan only US $ 7.5 per month if you choose to pay for a full year. We should mention that it is not a free application, however, when talking about safety of our children, the price is not important.

If you suspect your child is or could be in danger, keeping conversations with strangers or exposing themselves in any way that harms not hesitate to hire this service.

Another way to care for and monitor the applications that download is by applying Google Family Link

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