How I Can Create An Account On The Like App On Android

 LiKee app for download from google play

In the next article we will see how I can create an account on the Like App on Android in an extremely simple manner. Will take less than a minute to have your account set up to start enjoying all the possibilities Like.

How do I create an account on the Application Like App on Android

This social network can become very fun if you like music videos created by different people around the world. You can enjoy all your content without registration.

But if you want to upload your own videos and edit them, for it is essential to have an account. We’re going to teach you how to sign up App Like a fast and from your Android device.

Also, if you’ve started using other apps like Tik Tok, you will see that the method is very similar to the create Tik Tok an account .

Doing so is really easy, no need to fill out a long form too. Actually, to put the password and you will be reaching your running account. After that all you have to do is r ellenar data that appear on your profile and you can begin creating content with all the tools that offers social network, which are not few.

Like is a reliable alternative to Tik Tok, the other social network that has become considerably popular in recent times. With these apps record and edit a music video is too easy and does not take much experience to start apart from the facility to make a live App like the application.

 download LiKee app in app store

Not much more to add, let’s start with this simple tutorial so you can Like sign up from your phone with Android after downloading the application.

How to Create an account Like App

The first thing you have to do is download the app. Once downloaded and installed you have to open it.

Like It allows you to browse the social network without having to register. However, if you press on the icon top left can start the registration process.

Once you do, you will see that up option appears in large “Register with your phone number.” This option is undoubtedly the most agile, since only confirm, you expect one second to get the code via SMS and automatically sends us to another screen.

In this screen we will have to decide what password you want to use. Once we put the password you’ll use for our own, we simply complete our profile with a photo and fairly basic data that will appear when a person enters our profile.

This is all you have to do to Like sign up. If you decide to use your Google account is exactly the same. So you do not need to put your phone number to sign up for that app.

Create an account Like

As you can see Create an account Like App is a matter of a few seconds. Since almost everything is configured automatically. After downloading the app can use it without an account.

 filters and functions LiKee app

The issue is that if you want to upload videos or to direct in Like’ll need to have an account available for them to remain stored in your profile.

Of course, if after downloading this famous application you realize it’s not your thing, or just want to try something new, no problem, because you can easily delete an account like App .

Remember that if you still have any kind of doubt about how to create an account Like You can leave it at the bottom, where you will find the comments section and we’ll try to help you solve any kind of problem you have to sign up when Like App.

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