How Easily Delete An Account Like App -Simple Steps

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Video applications are increasingly popular among users, especially among young audiences, who find a platform to express their fresh ideas. Like App is one of these applications, in any case to learn how easily delete an account Like App. -simple steps, you will learn here

How easily remove an account from Like App -Simple Steps

It is quite common that we test many applications in modern times, some of them stay and become part of our daily lives, others however are not for everyone. If you want to remove the application Like App , worry not very easy to do.

Still, before we start this drastic process, you might consider disable notifications Like App in the event that this is one of the reasons why you think deleting the other hand, if you want to continue, read the following guide.

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Like App

In recent years, short videos have become very popular, one of the most popular applications in this regard Tik Tok . Either way is not the only one offering a similar service, since we also have Like App.

Like App is an application that lets you watch short videos uploaded by other users, just as Like App allows live broadcasts miscellaneous creating content itself. One of the peculiarities of this application is that it allows you to edit videos in a simple way.

Like App can even apply filters and create small stories to tell your followers and other users of the platform. Is an application where the only limit is the imagination, no doubt fun space to which you access when boredom strikes.

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In any case, many people are easily depleted of these applications. In case you used the Like App application before and want to completely desafiliarte platform, you should know that you can delete your account completely , to do so follow the following guide we have prepared.

How easily delete an account Like App -Simple Steps

No software developer wants its users to delete their accounts, in any case Like App application allows desist from the service at any time, but before this we recommend save your private videos like Magic on your phone.

Finally, if you want to permanently delete your account Like App, carefully read the following guide we have prepared for you:

  1. The first thing to do is Open the application Like App . In case you have not logged in, log in with that account you want to completely remove the platform.
  2. When you have logged into your account, will be displayed on the top left of the Profile icon , press there.
  3. The application will direct you to Profile , where all options related to your account Like App will be displayed.
  4. You must go down to the settings option, you’ll find almost the end. Press on Settings to access the settings of the application.
  5. will display all options for the system settings. To permanently delete your account, you must press on the removed.
  6. On confirmation screen is displayed to complete the process, you must give over the OK or. For other confirmation screens appear or be asked the password for your account, provides information and accepts the conditions .
  7.  delete key keyboard

    Once all these processes and have permanently deleted your account Like App . Keep in mind that this is an irreversible process, which will lose all information such as videos and photos you have in that account, so we recommend performing this process only when it is very safe.

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    In any case, if you ever want to come back time, remember that you can always create an account Like App on Android without major problems.

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