Deleting All Files Or Records Applications With File Explorer File Manager

Proceed to delete all files or records of applications is a necessary procedure to reduce the demand that is made to the device and clean storage of unnecessary content.

operating systems have a default form File Manager that displays the content they have in their memory.

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How to delete all files or records with File Applications Explorer File Manager

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Whether in the form of hard disk , SD cards, USB memories, among others, these systems allow you to view files stored above this form.

The use of specific programs called file managers are the ones that will allow users to handling and access their own content .

File Management

On Android devices file managers perform the same function as those browsers that are implemented on computers.

ie to visualize the structures of files option to allow intuitive handling and simple to everything that is stored within.

In the latest versions of the Android operating system has begun to implement an application called « My Files » to achieve this function.

Functions of the default file manager for Android

One of the problems that currently exist with browsers file that sets your Google devices is the need to stay it hidden.

The main reason for this is that the delete all files or records applications may interfere with the proper functioning of aspects of the system .

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If you’re one of those cases where the manager does not appear in your application icons on the main screen; you can find it in the « System Settings «.

The path is « Storage «, where you will find the options you to « internal and external memory » where you just have to click on any of them to explore.

At the opening, all folders will be displayed with the contents of your device. Which you can sort and view your preference via the icon « Menu «.

Within this browser can open folders and make changes to files that include: selection, share, copy and delete


Android File Managers

In case you want to make simple changes to your device or delete all files or records applications; you can find in Google Play store managers to do the following.

File Explorer or ES File Explorer

It is one of the most complete browsers; so much so that has about 300 million users worldwide to manage files from your system . Allows you to modify the visualizations, sort, rename, crop, compress and encrypt files.

To delete records through this need to start the application manager; where you are displayed on the main screen a graphical representation of the space that your device has the option « Analyze » aside.

You can choose this option to automatically you examine the contents of your device to locate junk files and applications that take up much space.

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In this way; you just have to wait to complete the analysis to select the content you want to delete and click on « Clear » to complete the process.

Another option is to enter the « Internal Storage » and do it manually in the same way it would be done through the system settings.

File Manager

Announced in 2015, is a simple file manager capable of evaluating the content of internal storage , removable memory and the cloud of the device.

A the same as other file systems, allows modification of the content storage, which can be done from the main menu.

To delete all files or records applications. You just need to click on the button « Apps » to see the space they occupy and remove its contents manually.

If at any time you deleted a file you need now worry not using DiskDigger Android you can recover.

If you want to make your cell phone work faster, with less internal memory problem and not this so full you can also choose to delete cache if your phone is Android.

We remind you that the time to download any application either the Play Store or downloading the APK extension from the internet, you make sure prevent these applications are not malicious. Working with Files APK is very delicate, as these tend to be downloaded to external media is why it is standard l find errors in these files.

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