Saving My Private Videos Like Magic App On My Phone

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Like Magic is a fun application designed to be short videos using multiple filters, where our creativity is the limit . Do You Like user and want to know how to keep my private videos Like Magic app on my phone? Then read this article carefully.

Saving my Private Videos Like Magic Application on my cell

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Applications like Tik Tok have become very popular in recent years, anyway there are alternatives Tik Tok as Instagram Reels and is also the case of like Magic. If you want to learn how to save your videos privately, are in the indicated place.

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What is Like Magic?

We can summarize Like Magic first that is designed specifically for entertainment application. App is very similar to Tik Tok , anyway stands on merit, offering features not found in other applications.

Like Magic is an application to make short videos with music, or with various audios or sounds. The idea is that users develop their creativity to deliver content fun to share with friends or with other members of the application.

In addition to the above, the application has different interesting effects, fun filters that react with music as Instagram and other features made for entertaining. Now uses the Like Magic to have a good time and fun to share your ideas with others.

If a member of Like Magic, chances are that at certain times you do not want to share your videos publicly. In this case it is a lot to know how to use the application to save videos privately, you will learn today that the following tutorial.

How to keep my private videos Like Magic app on my cell

Like Magic application is very similar to Tik Tok, in the same way its use is quite simple, so, if for some reason you have not yet, download it now Likee -Play Store . Finally, in case you want to videos privately store using the Like Magic application, carefully read the following guide:

  1. The first step is open the app Like Magic. Once you have opened an App, this will direct you to the area where videos are recorded.
  2. Make recording of the video you want to save, apply to any filter or configuration you want. Once you have finished recording the video press the Check mark (✔) .
  3. The application will take you to other settings, where you can apply different filters. Select those you want and finish configuring the video to your liking. When you’re happy with the end result of your video, press the check mark at the top right of the screen .
  4. Like Magic will take you to the screen where you usually post the content. In any case, this time you want to save the video privately, you must press on the As a Private video .
  5. A’ve ever pressed on the previous option, it’s time to save the video privately. To do this simply clicking the Post button located at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. The following menu bar is displayed percentage, wait until you finish uploading. Do not worry the video will be saved privately , on the next screen will confirm your action and you will be saved video.
  7.  woman Mobile using

    After the above steps have the video you’ve done previously saved on your phone. To access it you just have to go to gallery of your phone , should appear in the top positions.

    Using this can save method few want videos privately, this can thus share it with your friends in other applications, such as WhatsApp. In turn if at some future you want to publish Like Magic in the application, you can also do so.

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