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Sharing files between mobile devices via Wi-Fi, is a way to spend valuable content from one place to another without having to use the browser. This can be achieved through a wireless signal , which will create a bridge between two or more devices or equipment.

There are also many ways to share files using a Wi-Fi , and some of these do not necessarily need internet. In the first case, you should make a WiFi speed test and the second be deb know what is and what is Bluetooth? How does it work and use on mobile devices?

Sharing files between mobile devices WiFi -Cell to Cell

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Sharing files between mobile devices over Wi-Fi

It is touching on this point above is that, if you have the connection, no need to delve into possibilities and use the tools they already have.

For example, it is possible to transfer documents or other items through platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram computer to computer.

In addition, the second option (Telegram) has the peculiar feature that preserves image quality changing its format when it is sent.

It is also features mail and various social networks that comply with the ability to share files between mobile phones.

But it is possible that at one point not count on Wi-Fi to exchange documents or other things, so you will need to resort to other means.

Share files with Wi-Fi Direct

The term Wi-Fi Direct refers to the ability of a cell of create a bridge between devices using wireless reception. Must have basic knowledge about the differences between Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Mobile Hotspot.

That is, one team emit a signal by which one or more devices would be able to link to it and be interconnected.

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In this way an issue of files or documents directly be achieved without resorting to internet connection.

Some devices bring this factory built tool , while others (Samsung, Xiaomi) no, so it is necessary to use apps.

Fortunately, through the Android store is possible to find some quality that meet fully the objective of sharing files between devices.


AirDroid is an Android app, and can be found for free in the store , you should only enter the name in the search and download.

The same is represented by a white paper plane on a bright green background, and is called “ AirDroid: remote access


This program is essentially a tool for managing files from the phone to the computer Using the web browser.

However, it has other features and functions, among which is the ability to share files between devices , which may be a cell phone or mobile to computer.

To make sending and receiving files should look for the appropriate option for this. But before you must log in or create an account. This way the user can add another friend by mail with which messages and share files and even recorded



This application is developed by the company Xiaomi, which also makes mobile equipment, which was a solution to the inability of computers to generate Wi-Fi Direct.

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It is compatible with any version and model Android , as well as all brands phone market.

It is also simple to use, and the downloaded and installed, ask for special permissions to access the files on the device.

In this way, it will be possible to exchange files between devices, provided they have the correct application Installed at all.

And for that, within the application will be a button to send or receive at the bottom of the screen, depending on what is needed.

In the case of sending, the option is chosen and then the documents or files are chosen to share, and waits for the receiver press the option “ Receive “.

So be generated automatically a Wi-Fi from one of the devices to connect with each other and send the file.

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