Who Pays Me More Money For My Content Spotify Or Youtube?

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Today it is normal to start a music career in the platforms of streaming, so artists often wonder who pays more money for content?

Since create a profile Instagram businesses to monetizing videos on YouTube channels, social networks are powerful tools for compensation.

Who pays me more money for Spotify or YouTube content

Among the most commonly used for this purpose are Spotify and Youtube , the first focusing on audio only, and the second is more targeted to the visual and musical content.

But for a career need arises not only become known, it is also important Capital content to drive faster, and these two platforms offer a way to get it.

In fact, the red platform describes a series of href=”https://tdftips.com/requisitos-monetizar-canal-youtube/”> not only simply upload the content.

These same work with paid plans for users or artists who use the platforms to start his career, but Which of these pay more?

User “Free” vs. “Premium” Spotify Who pays more for content?

This issue has always been a very controversial and mysterious, because for sure it is not known how much offers the page royalties to artists who use it.

However, there are many sources that provide different values ​​regarding the amount offered for audio playback, which ranges from $ 0,006 up to $ 0.0084 .

This can be financed in two ways, and the Spotify has two versions, one free and one Premium. The first sign advertising some mandatory user, while the other does not, but calls for a monthly payment.

So, the issue of royalties is taken depending on where reproduction has been made. That said, the pay is not the same if given “ Play ” in the Premium version instead of the “ Free “.

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That is, that when it makes a Play from a plan with monthly fee, remuneration to the artist will be enhanced by audio heard. So you could say that who pays more for Premium content is user.

It is important to note that royalties are managed with a system of inflation. That is, the more users register, the lower the payment flow for reproduction.

Unless clear that there is a higher income people with Premium subscription. In addition, compensation will also depend on the place or country where it’s from the “ Click “.

So it is not equal payment if reproduction occurred in a country where the currency is devalued in some way, it is made from a country like Spain or the United States.

How YouTube paid content?

Unlike platform Spotify, Youtube focuses on audiovisual content , so that artists often go up music videos rather than audio alone (which can also be done).

In addition, payment of the page subject sees certain things, and will depend on the total amount of these elements, which are Reproductions, the “Like” and subscribers of the channel .

But before you can start generating monetization of the videos, first, the user or artist must meet certain minimum requirements to achieve this.

therefore you must meet a number of hours display in one or several video, and must also have certain number of subscribers to enable this option.

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That said, the same platform recommends join Youtube Partner , and then, the content of the individual will be invaded by advertising banners or intermediate video.

And every time a person visiting the video click on any of these, a small stipend will be added to the owner of the channel, as Youtube paid through advertising that generates Google AdWords .

So, calculate how much you pay this page visit is difficult and uncertain, but approximate numbers, can give per 1,000 visits about 1 Euro.

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No arguably pays more among all pages streaming, but remember that it is a close estimate, and that according to statistics user , this amount may be higher.

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