Adding Widgets On The Home Screen Of My Android Phone

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There is no doubt that the easy and quick disposal of our Android Widgets are a great help for everyone today. Not only helps us find the tools of our device in a short time, but gives you a excellent appearance .

So if you ask how to add widgets on the home screen of your Android phone , here we teach you achieve with simple steps that will make much easier your daily life. On the other hand, should keep in mind what are the best free Widgets for your Android device, so that in this way find your tools in no time.

How to Add Widgets in Home screen my phone Android

Adding widgets to the home screen of my phone Android

Contrary to what some may think, adding widgets to the home screen of an Android phone, it really simple and fast.

Having the widgets of the applications that comprise your phone is quite useful if you carry a life full of tasks to accomplish, because you can access these in the most simple and fast .

How to add widgets from the home screen of my Android

The steps to achieve this are easy to carry out , even for those who can not handle very well is this type of device.

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All you have to do to add a widget to the home screen of your Android, is:

  • Go to the home screen of your Android phone.
  • Once there, press for a moment any empty area of ​​the screen.
  • In doing this, different options are displayed on the main screen. You must press that says “Widgets”.
  • Select the widget you want to add to the home screen of your Android.
  • Click and drag the widget to the screen space where you want to put it.

So simple is to add a widget to the home screen. Once you stop pressing, it is automatically added to the home screen of your Android phone.

You can repeat this process as often as you want, depending on how many widgets you want to add to the screen of your Android.

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This feature that Android offers certainly will help if you count with a phone Huawei . In addition, knowing how to move and organize icon screen applications on the Huawei Android, will help you keep your cell much more organized.

How to keep organized widgets on the home screen of my Android phone?

Something vital that your phone will transmit peace and more efficient, is to keep your home screen organized of the same.

What facilitates this task is that, thanks to advances in technology, our phone has different options or tools that help us keep really organized.

using the mobile application

One of these options is the ability to move and change certain size Widgets to better suit the screen of your Android phone. You can also create, edit and customize your Android Widgets to give an elegant style extreme form.

To move a widget all you have to do is press it and drag it to the side of the screen you want. And the steps you must follow to change the size of a widget are:

  • Press and hold the widget you want to resize.
  • If lifting your finger contour color appears around the widget, then you can resize it.
  • Next to resize the widget, is to drag the points protruding from the tips of the contour. Adjust them to the size you want for your widget.
  • Once the widget is the size you want, tap anywhere else on the screen to finish.

Done! Now you can adjust the appearance of the home screen of your Android to your liking.

There are many options that gives your Android phone to can improve as you wish you , and something you can do to learn how to do this is to go to the Help section of Android on the official website of Google.

There can receive help and learn more about your Android phone.

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That’s it! If you follow the steps and see the advice we give here, there is no doubt you can add all the widgets you want on the Home screen of your Android without any problem. The iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Widget can install that exist for this device.

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